The fighter jet follies, again / another tangled web

A report by Lee Berthiaume on CTV News says that “Canada is being forced to shoulder a bigger share of the costs of developing F-35 fighter jets even though it has not decided whether it will actually buy any … [because] … Canada is one of nine partner countries in the F-35 project … [Canada joinedContinue reading “The fighter jet follies, again / another tangled web”

And here’s a ‘news maker’ who makes a serious logical blunder

Faith Goldy, a sometimes media commentator and sometimes political candidate makes an enormous logical blunder on social media … … of course it’s not just Ms Goldy who is full of crap; it is the 40% and 57% and 59% of Canadians who are confused about immigration vs. refugee settlement vs illegal migration and theyContinue reading “And here’s a ‘news maker’ who makes a serious logical blunder”

I’m going out of my lanes, but …

… I see this story, on CBC News, from about two weeks ago, as “good news,” in the long term, for the Canadian Armed Forces. I am firm in my belief that there needs to be a distinct system of military law that applies to all uniformed personnel in a wide range of situations and locations.Continue reading “I’m going out of my lanes, but …”

More house cleaning needed

The Advisory Board for Supreme Court of Canada judicial appointments was created by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government in 2016 in order, they said, “To deliver on [the Liberal government’s] commitment to ensure that the process of appointing Supreme Court of Canada Justices is transparent, inclusive, and accountable to Canadians.” The Mandate Letter for the ChairContinue reading “More house cleaning needed”

The oldest excuse in the book

David Pugliese, yet again, writing in the National Post, says that “Defence department officials tried to blame a clerk for failing to challenge the military’s top legal officials who had claimed a report requested under the Access to Information law didn’t exist even though it did … [now, blaming some poor clerk is one ofContinue reading “The oldest excuse in the book”

China, finally, takes aim at its real enemy

This follows from yesterday’s post about Sino-Canadian relations and how to mend them. China has been lashing out at Canada for the past few weeks, including using what some observers call ‘hostage diplomacy,’ ever since Meng Wanzhou’s detention, in Vancouver, in response to a US extradition warrant. Now, as the deadline for filing the paperworkContinue reading “China, finally, takes aim at its real enemy”

Well, Justin Trudeau’s managed to do one thing right

So, just a few hours ago, I said, “It is time, in my opinion, to follow-up on M Saint-Jacques’ sensible suggestion: First,” I said, “recall Mr McCallum and put him out to (graceful, well funded) pasture.“ Now, according to a report in the Globe and Mail: “John McCallum is no longer Canada’s ambassador to China … [and PrimeContinue reading “Well, Justin Trudeau’s managed to do one thing right”

How to mend relations with China

This is the first of two posts about China and the ongoing Sino-American trade war and the dilemma this has created for Canada. This deals, mainly, with the Sino-Canadian imbroglio. The second, dealing with the Sino-American trade war, follows, tomorrow. It is rather sad to say that most of the US led, liberal-democratic, Western worldContinue reading “How to mend relations with China”

Hard to predict

I have gone on and on, perhaps too often, about a handful of election issues, reminding readers that my issues ~ a principled foreign policy, beefed up national defence and a grand strategy for Canada ~ are not going to win the next election; rather, I keep saying that the Conservative Party of Canada needsContinue reading “Hard to predict”

Quebec shoots itself in the foot (more on immigration vs refugees vs improper migrants)

Just when I thought that some Canadians were starting to get a grip on the immigration vs. refugee vs. migrant thing, Quebec’s Premier François Legault steps up to muddy the waters. Premier Legault, according to an article in the Globe and Mail, wants to “temporarily reduce immigration to the province by more than 20 perContinue reading “Quebec shoots itself in the foot (more on immigration vs refugees vs improper migrants)”