Well, thank all the gods

John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that “The problem of people crossing the Canada-U.S. border illegally and then seeking asylum just became a bigger headache for the Liberals, one they emphatically do not need less than a year before the next election.“ Well, all I can say is thanks to all theContinue reading “Well, thank all the gods”

More than we are being told.

So, there’s an actually pretty predictable story on Global News which says that “Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has criticized the redactions in the National Security and Intelligence Committee’s report on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ill-fated trip to India … [and] … On Monday, Scheer tweeted an image that showed a section of the report with redactions up and down the page …Continue reading “More than we are being told.”

Great news!

Re: my post just below, from about 24 hours ago, in which I said, “I expect Andrew Scheer to promise, firmly, that within days of taking office he will rescind Canada’s approval and remove Canada from that deeply flawed, illiberal Compact,” I was delighted to see this, on social media, from Andrew Scheer and Michelle Rempel:Continue reading “Great news!”

Canada needs to reverse course

A few days ago I noted that Australia has announced that it will not sign the United Nation’s new Global Compact on Migration because, the Australian government said, “the final draft of the compact said that migration detention should only be used “as a measure of last resort” and states should work towards alternatives … [but] … After failingContinue reading “Canada needs to reverse course”

A temporary ceasefire

So, as the Financial Times says, “Donald Trump, the US president, and Xi Jinping, China’s president, are facing hurdles in building on the fragile truce they reached in their trade war, after the two countries left many thorny issues unresolved and offered different interpretations of the agreement … [because] … In a much-anticipated working dinner inContinue reading “A temporary ceasefire”

For the climate change deniers

OK, folks, especially you my Neandercon friends, you know who you are, this is from Fox News, so it cannot be “fake news,” right? This, specifically, is a NASA video showing what’s been happening to the Arctic ice cap over the past several years. Starting at about 1’15” the video show the months and years from MayContinue reading “For the climate change deniers”

Problems, problems …

As Britain’s exit route, if there is one, at all, from the European Union becomes more and more entangled with domestic political rocks and potholes, the French plan solidify the remnants of the EU faces renewed and stiffening challenges from the so-called New Hanseatic League about which I wrote last month. Now, I see inContinue reading “Problems, problems …”

I guess the Japanese don’t understand

Back in June of 2016 Canada’s brilliant leader, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasted the F-35 stealth fighter,” according to a report by Lee Berthiaume reproduced in the the National Post “as a plane that “does not work.”” That was after he had been prime minister for more than six months and after, one assumes (just hopes?),Continue reading “I guess the Japanese don’t understand”