Here it is …

… and it’s as simple as can be. Despite the hemming and hawing Justin Trudeau tells CTV News‘ Evan Soloman that “there is no support for a pipeline through Quebec.”

Trudeau is, as usual, talking rubbish, of course; there is (was in 2017) substantial support among Quebecers for having Canadian gas in their tanks instead of imported Saudi oil and a substantial number of Quebecers (about the same the percentage of Canadians who voted for the Liberals in 2015) favour building a pipeline into and through Quebec. The reasons, I guess, that Justin Trudeau is lying to Canadians confused about the facts is that he still in thrall to Quebec politicians who need to be paid off to approve anything in the national interest.

The fact, whether Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts, his puppet master, and most Quebec politicians acknowledge it or not is that Quebecers are not unalterably opposed to a pipeline. They have worries, of course, “nimbyism” is alive and well everywhere in Canada and if a pipeline is involved then a whole gang of green fanatics come out of the woodwork to spread disinformation and fear.

So why all the lies?

Well, simply, when the Energy East project was still alive and well, Montreal’s former mayor and former Chrétien cabinet minister Denis Coderre decided to hold it for ransom. He wanted more than Trans Canada PipeLines was willing to pay, but it had all the approvals, so Justin Trudeau, doing a favour for a fellow Quebec Liberal, changed the rules and, de facto, killed the project …  big companies have to learn that you don’t say no to Quebec, national interest be damned. But it doesn’t end there, Prime Minister Trudeau has, in fact, given Quebec’s premier a veto over any new pipeline thereby ensuring that Western Canadian oil will never ~ or until there’s a new government in Ottawa that isn’t subservient to Quebec ~ fuel Eastern Canadian automobiles. He is, I suppose, blind, as some say his father was, to the notion that Canada extends from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Like a great many of the Laurentian Elites he seems to believe that Canada exists to serve Quebec and that Westerners, especially Albertans, are bad for the country.

I’m not well enough informed about the costs and benefits of Energy East to say that it was what Canada needed, but I am sure that there is a full, national, domestic, y compris Québec market for Canadian oil if it can be moved, safely and efficiently. Rail cars, as the disaster at LacMégantic in 2013 demonstrated, are neither safe nor especially efficient but that is the ‘work around’ being chosen, by Alberta, with at least the tacit approval of the Trudeau regime, because all pipelines have been disallowed, politically sabotaged or, thanks to inept consultations by the Trudeau team, stalled.

It appears obvious, to me, anyway, that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are either unwilling or unable to manage Canada’s economic needs. In 2019 we need to elect a government that gives a damn about Canada hors de Québec.





3 thoughts on “Here it is …

    1. Thanks, Colin … I’m going to plead tired, old (septuagenarian) eyes. But, of course, the real truth is that I’m a lousy proof-reader, especially of my own work and I am always grateful for some help from my friends.

  1. Basically the only way to make pipelines and refineries work here is to charge extra on hydrocarbons coming into the country. Starting tagging them with the same “extras” we tag our local producers and you soon see a mindshift to domestic oil.

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