Great news!

Re: my post just below, from about 24 hours ago, in which I said, “I expect Andrew Scheer to promise, firmly, that within days of taking office he will rescind Canada’s approval and remove Canada from that deeply flawed, illiberal Compact,” I was delighted to see this, on social media, from Andrew Scheer and Michelle Rempel:

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 17.15.24

Andrew Scheer promises that “A Conservative government, in 2019, will withdraw Canada from the compact.”

He also says that he will make a motion in the House of Commons, in just a few hours, to ask the government to stop Canada from signing the Compact. I fully and confidently expect that notion to fail, but it is a step forward and it will help to alert Canadians about the very wrong course that Justin Trudeau has set this country upon.

Mr Scheer is saying the right things: an immigration policy based on our needs; policies which will offer real, practical help to the world’s most vulnerable ~ who are not found in upstate New York; the system must be fair, especially to those who have come here legally and still waiting in the queue for e.g. their Permanent Resident status.

Some of the realities of what Justin Trudeau is trying to do TO Canada can be found in an insightful article by Danielle Smith on the Global News web site. This ill conceived Compact will strip Canada os its sovereignty and threatens free speech and freedom of the press in Canada … all in the name of what, for heaven’s sake? This project must be derailed or, when Justin Trudeau is tossed on to the rubbish heap of history, where he belongs, nullified, for Canada, at least.

This announcement is great news; thank you Mr Scheer and Ms Rempel.

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