For the climate change deniers

OK, folks, especially you my Neandercon friends, you know who you are, this is from Fox News, so it cannot be “fake news,” right?

This, specifically, is a NASA video showing what’s been happening to the Arctic ice cap over the past several years. Starting at about 1’15” the video show the months and years from May 1991 to (at about 2’20”) Sep 2016. I’m assuming that NASA is being open and honest (although one or two of you will, no doubt, say, “No! It’s all a “deep state” fake designed to embarrass poor Donald J Trump”) and on that basis I say that we, Canada, need to:

There are several reports of the Arctic sea ice breaking up faster than scientists had previously predicted. Perhaps it’s a temporary thing, perhaps in 20 years the situation will reverse itself and we’ll have 25 years of increasing cold and thickening ice but, for now, and likely for the next generation we must cope with less and less ice and that poses a security challenge for Canada.

Climate change is not just about the environment now even just about a carbon tax; climate change can pose a real security and defence dilemma, too.

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