Is it time to get rid of the CBC? Should we?

OK, the source of this cringe-worthy video clip, Rebel Media, may be suspect to many ~ I do not follow them ~ but it does bring up a question: is this what we expect for the $1 Billion plus we pay for the CBC?. The complete interview, which I watched. looks, as someone else said, more … Continue reading Is it time to get rid of the CBC? Should we?

It’s time to repeat a warning

So, amidst the bit of fuss, earlier this month, about British Columbians' pretty firm rejection of the Green/NDP notion of electoral reforms ~ which, to be fair, got a helluva lot further than Justin Trudeau managed to push his promise ~ the BC Auditor General has issued a warning about the growing costs of health … Continue reading It’s time to repeat a warning

Some more China worries

The term "a G Zero world" was coined, a few years ago, by Ian Bremmer, CEO of the Eurasia Group in a book entitled: "Every Nation for Itself: What Happens When No One Leads the World." He then created a web site called G Zero Media, which is, I think, generally, pro-globalization and anti-Donald Trump. … Continue reading Some more China worries

More on supply ships

It's no secret, I hope, that I remain in favour of Project Resolve, the deal which delivered the MV Asterix to the Canadian Navy on time and on budget, and I have said before that I believe that our Navy needs four of these large supply/support ships, including a second ship, a sister to Asterix, … Continue reading More on supply ships