Is it time to get rid of the CBC? Should we?

OK, the source of this cringe-worthy video clip, Rebel Media, may be suspect to many ~ I do not follow them ~ but it does bring up a question: is this what we expect for the $1 Billion plus we pay for the CBC?. The complete interview, which I watched. looks, as someone else said, more…… Continue reading Is it time to get rid of the CBC? Should we?

It’s time to repeat a warning

So, amidst the bit of fuss, earlier this month, about British Columbians’ pretty firm rejection of the Green/NDP notion of electoral reforms ~ which, to be fair, got a helluva lot further than Justin Trudeau managed to push his promise ~ the BC Auditor General has issued a warning about the growing costs of health…… Continue reading It’s time to repeat a warning

My Saudi problem

One of my interlocutors asked me: “What’s your problem with the Saudis?” I have two, actually: First, way back in the early years of the 20th century Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al Saud, known to the Arabs as Abdulaziz and to Westerners as ibn Saud established the modern Kingdom…… Continue reading My Saudi problem

Some more China worries

The term “a G Zero world” was coined, a few years ago, by Ian Bremmer, CEO of the Eurasia Group in a book entitled: “Every Nation for Itself: What Happens When No One Leads the World.” He then created a web site called G Zero Media, which is, I think, generally, pro-globalization and anti-Donald Trump.…… Continue reading Some more China worries

A day off

Today, in many parts of the Commonwealth, is Boxing Day. It’s a public holiday here in Canada … so I’m taking a day off. Boxing Day has nothing to do with pugilism; its origins lie in Queen Victoria’s time when, on the day after Christmas, it was customary for those, like the Queen herself, who…… Continue reading A day off

Merry Christmas to all …

… to all those who believe and to those who just like the holiday spirit and, especially, to those who don’t much like what Christmas says about the state of man and the world, but who accept my greetings with the same good will with which they are offered. But a special Merry Christmas to all…… Continue reading Merry Christmas to all …

Getting real about China

It is certainly no secret that I, a bit like Justin Trudeau, admire what the Chinese have done over the past the past 50 years, since Deng Xiaping displaced Hau Guofeng and purged Jiang Qing (Mao’s widow) and the ‘gang of four.’ I also admire many of the things that Zhou Enlai accomplished in the…… Continue reading Getting real about China

Punching below our weight

Lawrence Martin in a journalist/commentator with whose opinions I very often disagree; he has a strong anti-conservative, and pro-Liberal bias; he has been a reliable leader of he Justin Trudeau cheering section. But that doesn’t mean that he’s blind to reality nor that he is totally uncritical. In a recent column in the Globe and…… Continue reading Punching below our weight