He’s got it right

Professor Roland Paris of uOttawa, is a pretty bright guy and, caveat lector, I know him slightly from a series of foreign policy talks/discussions at uOttawa that he used to run a few years ago, before he went off to do a short stint as Prime Minister Trudeau's (much needed) foreign policy advisor. Here he … Continue reading He’s got it right

The truth will out … Not bloody likely!

So,  about a week ago, Jerry Dias, who is the President of UNIFOR, which describes itself as "Canada’s largest private sector union, with more than 315,000 members across the country, working in every major sector of the Canadian economy," which, it appears, includes journalism, posted this on social media: ... now this obviously poses some … Continue reading The truth will out … Not bloody likely!

The key question?

It is no secret that I believe, quite firmly, that Justin Trudeau is a poor, even a downright bad prime minister. I think he has demonstrated the truth of the 2015 Conservative campaign that he was, and remains, "just not ready." He isn't and he will not, I think, ever be ready. But, and these … Continue reading The key question?

The fighter jet fiasco ~ the Auditor General has his say

Canada's estimable Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, has, according to a report in the Globe and Mail, said that "The federal government has failed to put Canada’s fleet of CF-18s back into fighting shape, leaving the fighter jets unable to meet the country’s military requirements at home and abroad with no quick solution in sight." This … Continue reading The fighter jet fiasco ~ the Auditor General has his say

Brexit and CANZUK

John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, says that "After all these years, after all that history, everything will be reversed. The United Kingdom will look to Canada, its former colony, for validation after Britain leaves the European Union ... [of course, he adds, that is] ... Assuming the chaotic mess at Westminster somehow … Continue reading Brexit and CANZUK

Globalization, and …

This is, I guess, a bit of a follow-up from my (too many?) recent posts dealing with Presidents Trump's brand of populism, the nature of globalization, the new migration and my views on how Conservatives should respond. I'm one of those who believes that globalization has been good for the world, including for the US led … Continue reading Globalization, and …