The truth will out (3)

A few days ago I suggested that Tides Canada was one of the groups trying very hard to stop Canadians from being able to sell their oil and gas to the world and I have also wondered if, somehow, Gerald Butts, the prime minister’s most important assistant and a former President of World Wildlife Canada was, somehow, tied into it all.

Recently, on social media, Jason Kenney, made that connection …

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 15.20.12

… the little bit of detail is expanded here …


… so it seems, assuming Mr Kenney’s source of information is accurate, that Gerald Butts and the Tides Foundation did work together to try to stop Alberta’s heavy oil from reaching world markets.

Is there some connection, one must wonder, between the cancellation of Norther Gateway, the sabotage of the Energy East project and the bungling of the Trans Mountain Expansion projects? is there more to this than just the unbearable intellectual lightness of Justin Trudeau? Is there a plan to prevent Canada from selling its heavy oil to the world? We think there is and we think that the Tides Foundation is part of it. But now we must ask is Gerald Butts and, therefore, the Prime Minister’s Office actively supporting that plan? Is the Prime Minister’s Office trying to sabotage Canada’;s economy?



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