Irregular (that’s a euphemism for illegal) migrants, again

Two stories caught my eye:

  • First, Candice Malcolm, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that “Canada is on track to receive more asylum applications in 2018 than any previous year since the Immigration and Refugee Board started tracking this information in 1989 … [and] … This year, Canada is on track to receive more than 55,000 refugee applications, compared to 50,385 in 2017 and 23,870 in 2016 … [and she explains that] … Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent out his infamous tweet in January 2017 inviting the world’s refugees to come to Canada, and since then, 100,000 self-selected and unscreened migrants have taken him up on the offer … [and then, she says] … Over 37,000 of these migrants crossed into Canada illegally along the US border. These asylum seekers fall outside Canada’s official targets for immigration and refugee numbers. This means Canada could accept more than double the number of refugees it laid out in its annual immigration plan submitted to Parliament;” and
  • In the Toronto Star, Nicholas Keung reports that “The number of so-called “anchor babies” — children born to non-residents for the purpose of gaining citizenship — is at least five times higher than Canadian officials had estimated, new research suggests … [and, he explains that] … Birth tourism in Canada, where women late in pregnancy fly in to deliver their babies here, is controversial because the newborns are automatically Canadian citizens and enjoy full citizenship rights such as free education and lower university fees, even though their foreign parents aren’t taxpayers.

The short of it is that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has totally and completely lost control of Canada’s national sovereignty by being unwilling or unable to deal with a couple of fairly simple border control issue. He is an abject failure as a leader.

Ms Malcom says that “The Trudeau government told Canadians we’d welcome 43,000 refugees in 2018; instead we could welcome more than 98,000 — most of whom have not yet been determined to be legitimate refugees, but will be given all the same benefits nonetheless … [but] … There are now more than 64,000 migrants waiting in a backlog to have their cases heard by an immigration judge. It will take years, possibly a decade, to work through all these applications … [and she speculates, with just a touch of hyperbole, that] … By the time some cases are ruled upon, the claimants will have already started a life and a family in Canada, making it nearly impossible to deport them … [because of that ‘anchor baby’ thing] … Others will have disappeared completely or fallen into criminal gangs and networks.

Nicholas Keung reports that “Statistics Canada has, since 2013, counted 1,561 babies — about 312 annually — born here to mothers, whose place of residence was listed outside Canada, based on figures from provincial birth registries … [but, he adds] …  a new study from the Institute for Research on Public Policy released Thursday suggests the number of “anchor babies” born here every year is likely in the 1,500 to 2,000 range … [he explains that] … The study mined the Canadian Institute for Health Information discharge database, and according to researcher Andrew Griffith, the figures — based on hospital financial data that codes services provided to non-residents under “other country resident self-pay” — give a clearer picture of the extent of the problem … [and] … The data shows the number of births to non-resident mothers (including all provinces but Quebec, which refused to release the data) skyrocketed to 3,628 last year from just 1,354 in 2010, said the report by the Montreal-based think tank. It showed the Richmond Hospital in British Columbia with the highest volume of babies born to non-resident mothers … [and] … Of the top 10 hospitals where such births were recorded, six are in the GTA.

Think, first and foremost, of the message this is sending to millions of new Canadians, those who have just arrived, legally, those who are already legal Permanent Residents, and those who have already become citizens. The Trudeau regime is saying, in fact: “You’re suckers! You obeyed our laws, you followed the rules, you may still be waiting, legally, in the queue, but we don’t care … we’ll give precedence to people who flout our laws, who are unlikely, unlike you, to become valuable citizens, because they “look” needy rather, than qualified, like you.” That;’s a horrible message from a weak government that doesn’t care about Canada or Canadians.

The simple fact is that our entire immigration, refugee, migrant and border security system has collapsed under the cowardly and incompetent ‘leadership’ of Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen. Candice Malcolm says, and I agree that “The Trudeau government is trying so hard to accommodate these migrants, they’ve created what economists call a moral hazard. The nicer we are and the more we give to migrants, the more migrants we’ll have arriving at our doorstep … [and] … Through its actions and its programs, the Trudeau government is encouraging migrants to break our laws and jump the immigration queue.

Don’t get me wrong; the Liberal goal of reshaping Canada by allowing hundreds of thousands of new immigrants to enter each year, with the aim of having a population of 100,000,000 by the year 2100 is a good one, and it is one that the Conservatives should applaud and adopt.

Immigration is a good thing for Canada. Immigrants make great Canadians … real, legal, properly selected and screened immigrants are needed and should be welcomed by all of us. However, the people Justin Trudeau is welcoming are neither needed nor wanted and they should be rounded up and detained in proper camps such as the Germans are building right now. Simultaneously the rules need to be tightened so that anyone who enters Canada improperly, for whatever reason, is returned to the country of origin, forthwith and as forcibly as necessary. I understand that conflicts with the UN Convention on Refugees and with the new UN Global Compact on Migration, but these cannot be allowed to interfere with how we manage our borders and how we enforce our laws on our territory. Australia has refused to sign the UN Compact on Migration for just that reason … Canada must follow suit. I know the solutions I propose are neither progressive nor simple and easy … but the government needs to make some hard decisions to restore some basic integrity to our immigration, refugee, migration and border control policies.

The Liberal goal is fine; the current Liberal government is weak, cowardly and inept and it must be replaced in 2019.


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