A space strategy

This is a pretty inspiring video … I’m no fan of Donald Trump’s America but I believe that marcgarneau_20_homehr_enNASA has a strategy and a plan to return the world to space. Some Canadians want Canada to have a space strategy, too. Meanwhile others, with vested interests, are worried and say, in an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail, that “Unlike other countries that have been increasing their contributions, Canada’s investment in space has been declining for many years and we’ve had no long-term space plan for decades. Whereas in 1992 we were ranked eighth among all spacefaring countries in spending as a share of GDP, today we’ve fallen to 18th.

Our space community has mounted a campaign ~ Don’t Let Go Canada ~ where they ask Canadians to show their support for a renewed, revitalized Canadian space programme.

In my last years in the military and in my second (civilian) career I had some dealings with some aspects of our space programme and I know, first hand, that our space industries and agencies were highly regarded by our allies, competitors and others. This is a campaign that I will join and one which I recommend to all Canadians. I scoff at the Laurentian Elites who say that “Canada is back,” and “the world needs more Canada;” that’s nonsense … but the slogan and the notion that “The Universe Needs More Canada” is a good one and it is one we should all get behind, regardless of our political affiliations.

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