The key question?

It is no secret that I believe, quite firmly, that Justin Trudeau is a poor, even a downright bad prime minister. I think he has demonstrated the truth of the 2015 Conservative campaign that he was, and remains, “just not ready.” He isn’t and he will not, I think, ever be ready.

But, and these data are compelling, according to one polling firm, nearly half of Canadians think that Justin Trudeau is better equipped to be prime minister while less than⅓ think Andrew Scheer is the better choice:

DsNNNj2W0AIGGIm.jpgPart of that is, of course, because Prime Minister Trudeau is the incumbent … he is the prime minister and a whole bunch of Canadians think he’s OK.

In addition, after a few rocky months, the Liberals are regaining the confidence of Canadians …

DsNHk0kXgAAo5ub.jpg… according to the same polling firm.

The key question, it seems to me, is: are Canadians tired of Justin Trudeau? I don’t think Canadians vote FOR any one party as they vote against an incumbent government, largely because they are tired of it. I think that’s what happened to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in 2015 and to the Chrétien-Martin Liberals in 2006, to the Mulroney-Campbell Tories in 1993 and to the Trudeau Liberals in 1984 … Canadians seem to have decided that eight to twelve years is sufficient for any one party to govern the country … they are not, as 2018 draws to a close, tired of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

A second important question is: is Andrew Scheer the person the CPC needs to defeat Justin Trudeau? The jury, it seems to me, is still out on that question.

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