Stupidity of the worst sort

David Pugliese, writing in his blog Defence Watch, says that “New submarines won’t be part of the future mix for the Royal Canadian Navy, at least in the foreseeable future.

Several years ago,” he writes, “there were some suggestions that a possible replacement for the Victoria-class submarines might be in the works. In 2017 a 1024px-U_34_in_FahrtSenate defence committee recommended the subs be replaced … [and] … The Commons defence committee also recently recommended that the Victoria-class subs, bought used in 1998 from the United Kingdom, be replaced with submarines capable of under-ice capabilities … [but] … the Liberal government has rejected that recommendation. The recommendation was the only one of the 27 made by the Commons defence committee that was rejected outright in a response delivered to the committee last month.

That is a decision of such monumental stupidity that I think only a political party that cares nothing at all about the country it governs could have made it. Do the quite clearly mentally challenged Liberals on the Commons Defence Committee not know that Canada has three oceans, one of which is covered in ice? Or, even worse, don’t they not care? Are they, those Liberal MPs, so blind to everything except the orders that Gerald Butts hauls out of his rear and blows in their direction that they can blissfully ignore Canada’s Arctic? Are they in the pay of the Russian federation or the Tides Foundation, which also appears to oppose Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic?

The committee had recommended that the federal government respond to NATO calls to improve the quality of their naval fleets and underwater surveillance capabilities by starting the process of replacing Victoria-class submarines with new boats that have under-ice capabilities. It also recommended increasing the size of that fleet to enhance Canada’s Arctic and North Atlantic defence preparedness,” Mr Pugliese writes, but, he added that while “Last year Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan HMCS Corner Brook & Icebergpraised the capability submarines provide Canada … [saying] … “No other platform in the Canadian Armed Forces can do what a submarine can do” … [and] … “No other platform has the stealth, the intelligence-gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance capability and the deterrence to potential adversaries that a sub does,” … [but, he said] … Upgrading the Victoria-class subs is more “prudent” than buying new subs,” However, David Pugliese says, “Without upgrades, the first of the submarines will reach the end of its life in 2022, according to documents obtained last year through Access to Information by the Canadian Press. The last of the boats would be retired in 2027.” The defence minister is, apparently, totally ignorant of the realities of the Arctic Ocean.

So there we have it … Canada, the nation with the longest coastline in the world; Canada which claims a large share of the Arctic Ocean, including what lies on its seabed as its own; Canada which needs to be a great trading nation and which, concomitantly needs a real, credible Navy to secure the sea lines of communication; that Canada, our Canada is saddled with a government of, to be charitable, fools and charlatans, led by a man-child.

This submarine decision is an act of stupidity which must be punished in the next general election by tossing Justin Trudeau and many, many, many of his MPs, including Harjit Sajjan, on to the political dung heap.

5 thoughts on “Stupidity of the worst sort

  1. 😄 I feel the depth of this issue yet it doesn’t affect me in the least. I must say, the humor had me hooked right to the last word. There’s probably forces against the improvement in the naval fleets at work within the govt.

  2. The MND may indeed be totally ignorant of the realities of the Arctic Ocean. However, you’ve equally displayed your ignorance of submarine operations, by calling for ‘under-ice capacity’. Here is a recent grad paper done by a student from the staff college, wrt AIP and under-ice capabilities. I am making the presumption you are not calling for a nuclear fleet. Before slagging others, one should always get facts to support one’s slagging. It is pretty obvious you didn’t do that on this occasion. Partisanship is a nasty thing.

    1. I’m not a submariner, but I do some research, including asking a few serving and retired officers, one or two of whom know an awful lot about submarines, what can work for us. They tell me that an AIP boat using fuel cell technology ~ such as the German Type 212 ~ can patrol under the ice for 10 to 20 days, depending on speed, etc, which one of my staff college mates who went on to command the Canadian Navy (when it was still Maritime Command) says it pretty much what the modern, 21st century Navy needs to do.

      Submarine patrolling is not remarkably different from Army patrolling: some patrol needs to be slow and stealthy (reconnaissance patrols) while others (fighting patrols) are, of necessity very, very obvious. Sometimes, I’m told, a Navy wants to conduct under-water/under the ice-pack reconnaissance ~ slowly and stealthily, and other times it wants to make noise to tell potential intruders that we are actively patrolling the coastal waters we claim for ourselves.

      AIP may not not the best answer but, unless we ever again decide to go nuclear ~ which the Mulroney government proposed to do in 1987 ~ it is a viable method of operating under the edges (up to 200 nautical miles out) of the polar ice pack.

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