The truth will out … maybe

There is an excellent article in the Edmonton Journal by David Staples in which he describes the work being done by researcher Vivian Krause who is trying to stop big American lobby groups which aim, in their own words, “to land-lock the [Alberta] tar sands so their crude could not reach the international market where it could fetch a high price per barrel. This meant national and grassroots organizing to block all proposed pipelines.” It is important to note, as Ms Krause does that “there was no similar campaign to land-lock North Dakota or Texas oil, not that the American oil industry would have put up with such foreign meddling.”

Mr Staples writes, and I agree, that “Environmental groups have four broad goals, three of which are laudable … to move to renewables, to promote energy efficiency and to promote energy security. “But,” he quotes Vivian Krause as saying “the fourth goal is to keep Canadian oil out of the global oil market and that’s where I think we can say, ‘No.’ Because it’s not fair to bully any country out of the global market.”

Now, I have rattled on about e.g. the Tides Foundation since the early days of this blog … I wonder if it is about the environment or about securing the profits of the US petroleum industry. I have also wondered if Prime Minister Trudeau has Canada’s best national interests or the interests of the environmental/climate change “children’s crusade” at the front of his mind.

David Staples explains that Ms Krause has obtained a legal opinion about the Tides Foundation‘s “Tar Sands Campaign, and whether it was indeed charitable activity …[and] … She has since shared the law firm’s findings with Rachel Notley’s office.” He says that “When I ask the NDP if the government is considering Krause’s push for legal action against these U.S. foundations, cabinet spokesperson Mike McKinnon of the Ministry of Energy says: “Ms. Krause has been a tireless champion of our energy industry and we appreciate her thorough investigative work. We will continue to consider all options going forward, legal and otherwise, in our fight for market access and top dollar for our oil” … [but] … Krause says Notley has the credibility to lead this effort. “I appreciate her approach. She’s measured. She’s firm. She’s not going to over-reach. I want a measured piece of litigation, a nice Canadian, ‘Please stop land-locking our crude’” … [and that, he concludes] … Sounds like a plan. About 10 years too late. But still a plan.

I think that the Conservative Party needs to get on Ms Krause’s side. Andrew Scheer needs to say that he will not accept foreign influence in Canada’s business; he needs to say that a Conservative government will get prairie oil to tidewater ~ to seaports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and that he will see to it that Canadians in Eastern Canada buy Canadian oil, refined in Eastern Canada rather than being dependent on oil imported from the murderous Saudi Arabian regime.


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