OK, it’s after Halloween, but this article, by Laura Kane of the Canadian Press, should frighten every thinking Canadian. “Vancouver’s new mayor, Kennedy Stewart, a former NDP MP and a committed foe of the Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion project says that “a revamped National Energy Board review of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is likely doomed to fail and will land the federal government back in a courtroom.” Mayor Stewart says that ““I do think the revamped NEB process we’re going through probably is going to fail again. I don’t think giving First Nations a week to submit to a brand new reconciliation process is enough time and that’ll be challenged in court again and rightly so,” … [and he added that] … “I could see this being deadlocked like the Mackenzie Valley pipeline for many, many, many years.”” In fact Vancouver’s “practice of supporting local Indigenous groups in their court challenges by applying to be an intervener” will continue under Mayor Stewart.

We need to remember that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Is there a pattern here? Is Justin Trudeau, as some suggest, always saying “all the right things, over and over,” about climate change while, at the same time, promising to get 173 billion barrels of Alberta oil to market, but then failing to deliver on anything? Is it part of a larger scheme, supported by the World Wildlife Fund-Canada (the organization which the prime minister’s Principal Secretary, Gerald Butts headed for four years), which aims  to see “Canada use 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050,” which certainly implies that Alberta’s oil needs to be left in the ground, not taken to the world’s markets.

Mayor “Stewart also said he told Trudeau that if the city takes any action against the project, he will call first to inform him … [and] … Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley have said the project is in the national interest because Alberta needs to get its oil to markets outside the U.S. where it can fetch higher prices, particularly in Asia … [but Vancouver’s mayor] … Stewart said it’s ridiculous that Canada exports oil in the west while importing oil in the east. The country should have a national energy strategy that involves refining products in Canada, particularly in the eastern part of the country … [and, he added] … “What ultimately would be the best thing to do is to ship Alberta oil east, make sure there’s guaranteed supplies for existing or new refineries, so Canadians are using Canadian oil,”” which brings us back to Energy East which Justin Trudeau sabotaged in order to gain favour in Montreal.



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