The G20 sideshow

Ryan Hass, who is a David M. Rubenstein Fellow in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution, where he holds a joint appointment to the John L. Thornton China Center and the Center for East Asia Policy Studies, has written an insightful article on the Brookings website in which he suggests that “Anticipation has been…… Continue reading The G20 sideshow

The truth will out (3)

A few days ago I suggested that Tides Canada was one of the groups trying very hard to stop Canadians from being able to sell their oil and gas to the world and I have also wondered if, somehow, Gerald Butts, the prime minister’s most important assistant and a former President of World Wildlife Canada…… Continue reading The truth will out (3)

Money and the ethnic vote, redux

Back in 2015 the Conservative Party made two campaign blunders: In the wake of the tragic death of a small Syrian boy on a Turkish beach they failed to respond with the generosity of spirit that almost all Canadians wanted; and They decided to attack “barbaric cultural practices” which many, many Canadians, me included, interpreted…… Continue reading Money and the ethnic vote, redux

Oh what a tangled web (2)

So, the Globe and Mail (and almost everyone else) reports “General Motors is shuttering its plant in Oshawa as part of a restructuring of its global operations to focus on autonomous and zero-emission vehicles … [and] … Two sources, who were briefed on General Motors’ plan, said the Oshawa plant will be completely closed down. Those…… Continue reading Oh what a tangled web (2)

Irregular (that’s a euphemism for illegal) migrants, again

Two stories caught my eye: First, Candice Malcolm, writing in the Toronto Sun, says that “Canada is on track to receive more asylum applications in 2018 than any previous year since the Immigration and Refugee Board started tracking this information in 1989 … [and] … This year, Canada is on track to receive more than 55,000…… Continue reading Irregular (that’s a euphemism for illegal) migrants, again

Restoring the military balance

A recent report by the Commission on the National Defense Strategy, which is a panel charged by the United States Congress with making recommendations based upon its (the commission’s) analysis related to the published (by the administration) National Defence Strategy, and to the larger geopolitical environment in which that strategy must be executed, says that…… Continue reading Restoring the military balance

He’s got it right

Professor Roland Paris of uOttawa, is a pretty bright guy and, caveat lector, I know him slightly from a series of foreign policy talks/discussions at uOttawa that he used to run a few years ago, before he went off to do a short stint as Prime Minister Trudeau’s (much needed) foreign policy advisor. Here he…… Continue reading He’s got it right

A space strategy

This is a pretty inspiring video … I’m no fan of Donald Trump’s America but I believe that NASA has a strategy and a plan to return the world to space. Some Canadians want Canada to have a space strategy, too. Meanwhile others, with vested interests, are worried and say, in an opinion piece in…… Continue reading A space strategy

The truth will out … Not bloody likely!

So,  about a week ago, Jerry Dias, who is the President of UNIFOR, which describes itself as “Canada’s largest private sector union, with more than 315,000 members across the country, working in every major sector of the Canadian economy,” which, it appears, includes journalism, posted this on social media: … now this obviously poses some…… Continue reading The truth will out … Not bloody likely!