Something for which I am NOT thankful

So, it’s Thanksgiving day but this …

… is something for which I am not thankful; in fact it turns my stomach and nearly breaks my heart.

As some of you may know my father’s name and the names of several dozen of his men are on the plaques that were vandalized … I hope you can imagine how I must feel. I hope the parents and teachers who raised and guided these vandals understand how much I despise them all: you, parents and teachers are abysmal failures because you raised livestock instead of young men and women.

What I am grateful for is that, according to Global News, a bunch of military folks, some serving, some retired, arrived, with their own cleaning supplies and started scrubbing away well before the official cleaners showed up … that’s typical of the men and women who serve in our Canadian Armed Forces: they take action …


… but as of 3:45 PM Eastern Time all I have seen, on social media, from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is some pictures of him handing out food hampers (I guess that’s what they are) and wishing people a happy holiday. I’m guessing that the PMO and the Liberal Party of Canada cannot quite work itself up to be angry, as I am, or even sad, or to say “sorry” because they might offend someone who thinks that vandalizing war memorials is the progressive thing to do. It speaks to their values … but, to be fair, I haven’t heard much from any politicians; I guess that, unlike the military people in Halifax they are too busy with the holiday.

3 thoughts on “Something for which I am NOT thankful

  1. Why are you surprised? This is symbolic of the current Canadian society. Several years ago we had two jerk pee on the grave of the unknown soldier and what were the consequences – nothing. Some community work which is laughable. you are not allowed to smack your kid’s ass, you can fail them in school lest you harm their self-esteem. We have kids bullying others to the point they commit suicide. We see kids throwing tantrums in stores and the parent threatening them with a time out.

    Are there no more woodsheds in Canada? Do fathers no longer have a belt?

  2. When a country is prosperous, and in general life is good, it is easy to question “Why do we even need an army”. It is only when faced with the loss of freedom, and that good life, do we ask the question “Where is the army”?

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