Academic standards are a subject of some debate across Canada, with math scores being something of a flashpoint, and just recently elected Premier Doug Ford has promised that there will be a "back to basics" approach in Ontario. Predictably, of course, there is a backlash from, especially, the progressive community (which includes the teachers' unions) … Continue reading Education

The Lighthizer doctrine: army tanks attacking from Canada?

Matt Peterson, who is a senior editor at The Atlantic, has written an informative article in that journal that sheds some light on the Trump/Lighthizer trade strategy. His central thesis is that "Donald Trump came to office with a vision of a raging global trade war. In some tellings, the war is his glorious conquest. In others, … Continue reading The Lighthizer doctrine: army tanks attacking from Canada?

China’s dilemma is the same as everyone’s

Michael Schuman, a Beijing based journalist and author, explains, in Bloomberg Opinion, why US President Donald Trump's approach makes it almost impossible for Xi Jinping to offer anything meaningful to slow or end the trade war. "With the latest round of trade talks between the U.S. and China ending in a predictable stalemate," Mr Schuman says, "one … Continue reading China’s dilemma is the same as everyone’s

Justin’s best friend?

Is federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new best friend? Is Mr Singh's inept political performance, to date, going to weaken the New Democrats enough so that no matter what gains Andrew Scheer might make in the suburbs the Liberals will sweep back into power with another majority government? Pollster and … Continue reading Justin’s best friend?

It’s been quite a week

So the week, which I suggested would be interesting, is over and where do we stand on NAFTA? Before mid-week, Minister Freeland made her way to Washington, amid reports that "President Donald Trump was infuriated by a major foreign policy speech delivered by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in Washington D.C. in June of this … Continue reading It’s been quite a week