A trade war to redress the dignity deficit

A couple of weeks ago I talked about 'The Lighthizer doctrine,' and I said that "Donald Trump came to office with a vision of a raging global trade war ... [and Robert Lighthizer] ... has testified that his goal is to bring manufacturing back to the United States." Now an article in the South China Morning Post says that … Continue reading A trade war to redress the dignity deficit

A bit of good news for the RCAF

Despite the Trudeau government's tragicomical mishandling of the CF-18 replacement project, there is some good news, reported by David Pugliese in the Ottawa Citizen: "The Department of National Defence," he writes, "has released this photo above of the first C-295W in the process of being built by Airbus for the RCAF. The first aircraft is … Continue reading A bit of good news for the RCAF

I sure hope he’s right

Norman Spector is a very smart, very experienced fellow, most of whose views seem, generally, to be in accord with my own and whose judgement I think to be sound. On NAFTA he says, on social media, today: I sure hope he's right ... there might be some justified schadenfreude for many of us if … Continue reading I sure hope he’s right

Wrong, wrong, wrong, but …

Andrew Coyne, a columnist with whom I often agree, is quite and dreadfully wrong in most of his diatribe against Ontario Premier Doug Ford's use of the Canadian Constitution's Notwithstanding Clause (§33) to assert his political will over Toronto City Council. Yes, I agree that Doug Ford secured the leadership of his Party with less than … Continue reading Wrong, wrong, wrong, but …

Political reality

There is an excellent article by John Ibbitson in the Globe and Mail that reinforces a point I have made over and over again ... those who want to govern must secure and maintain the active support of the voters in the suburbs. "If," Mr Ibbitson writes, "you are opposed to downsizing Toronto council, or … Continue reading Political reality

Someone needs to give their head a shake

David Pugliese, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, reports that "The memorial to fallen Canadian troops that was once at Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan is expected to be officially unveiled sometime in November at the Department of National Defence campus in west-end Ottawa. The cenotaph which memorializes the losses endured in the Afghan war was rebuilt … Continue reading Someone needs to give their head a shake

Ships, again: Earning her keep

MV* Asterix appears to be earning her keep in Canada's Pacific fleet ~ see this video of her refuelling and resupplying HMCS Calgary. She has participated in the giant RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) exercises in which 20+ nations participate and then, later, worked with the Royal Australian Navy (and 20+ others) on Exercise Kakadu. The … Continue reading Ships, again: Earning her keep