I agree …

… with this post, on social media, by Dr David Jacobs:

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.57.00.png

The best way to counter the disgusting, mindless anti-Semitism of this hate-filled woman is by talking back to her, by exposing and then ridiculing her lies, not by banning her from Canada.

We really only have freedom of speech when he tolerate the speech that offends us most. We need to allow the most vile and ludicrously stupid people to speak so long as they stop short of inciting others to violence and other, similar criminal acts. It’s not against the law to hate Jews or gays or men or blacks … wrong and stupid, to be sure, but not illegal.

But if we are, as we should, going to allow Ms Sarsour to spout nonsense at whatever event she’s been invited to address then we, equally, have to tolerate what equally vile people who are, fairly routinely, denied the right to speak out, have to say, even though it offends many of us.

I do not regard “freedom of speech” as a fundamental right, it is part of liberty, but a part that is constrained by our vivil and criminal laws ~ libel and inciting violence and so on. We do not have a right to not be offended. It is silly to pretend that we can or should even try to protect people from being offended or even hated; it cannot be done and it should be attempted.


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