I sure hope he’s right

Norman Spector is a very smart, very experienced fellow, most of whose views seem, generally, to be in accord with my own and whose judgement I think to be sound.

On NAFTA he says, on social media, today:

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 14.31.12.png

I sure hope he’s right … there might be some justified schadenfreude for many of us if Justin Trudeau fails to secure an acceptable NAFTA deal but Canada doesn’t deserve that. Team Trudeau’s apparent strategy of insulting America’s President in public while hoping that the US Congress will defy him when he tries to destroy NAFTA seems, to me, to be somewhere between amateurish and suicidal. Canada doesn’t deserve that, either. There is, I believe, an acceptable deal which sees Canada keep some dispute resolution Naftameasures while giving some ground on dairy supply management. My hope is that the professionals in the US Trade Representative’s office and in Team Canada can, fairly easily, agree on the details and that, after the Quebec and US mid-term elections the “three amigos” can all celebrate a good enough for now NAFTA.

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