Ships, again: Earning her keep

MV* Asterix appears to be earning her keep in Canada’s Pacific fleet ~ see this video of her refuelling and resupplying HMCS Calgary.

She has participated in the giant RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) exercises in which 20+ nations participate and then, later, worked with the Royal Australian Navy (and 20+ others) on Exercise Kakadu.

The lease of Asterix is proving to be a smart decision for the Royal Canadian Navy and for Canada.


* She, Asterix, is often referred to as NRU (Naval Replenishment Unit) Asterix but that, I think ( someone correct me if I’m wrong, please), refers only to the military team which serves in Asterix alongside her civilian captain and crew.

4 thoughts on “Ships, again: Earning her keep

  1. MV versus NRU: You are correct. Motor Vessel (MV) ASTERIX is the ship. Naval Replenishment-at-sea Unit (NRU) Asterix is the naval element operating replenishment-at-sea (RAS) and other equipment onboard. RCN Public Affairs have noted that some recent public postings have used NRU in order to highlight the work of naval personnel and their presence on Operation PROJECTION.

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