He’s right, in general, but …

In this video clip, from a recent town hall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says (to an audience that looks like mostly students) that “Frankly, one of the things we see is the kind of extremism and terror in the world that is the source of these people fleeing is of concern … [but, he adds] … let’s make no mistake, people coming here are fleeing terrorism, not bringing terrorism.

In the main he is quite correct; almost everyone who comes to Canada, including almost all the so called irregular asylum seekers, are just looking for better lives for themselves and their children; almost none of them are likely to be terrorists and some are, indeed, fleeing terrorism, as the prime minister says.

How many is “almost none?”

The problem is that with regular immigrants, who are screened extensively ~ I had to 11149311_1606017046279394_5599152397454552620_nsubmit a stack of papers, many stamped by other agencies, that was nearly ¾” thick and then wait for months and months to secure Permanent Residence status for my wife, who is from Hong Kong ~ there is a need for real security checks, but nothing much can be done with the irregular migrants because as soon as they claim asylum they are put in a different stream: they are here, free to go about their business, whatever it is, just like anyone else but no checks have been completed. I assert that “almost none” of them are terrorists, but I don’t know if “almost none” in one in ten thousand or one in one hundred … and neither does Prime Minister Trudeau or anyone else.


Crossing to CanadaThe Trudeau government has massively failed to manage our border security and refugee claimant process. Irregular migrants stream across the border, exploiting a loophole in our rules and regulations and encouraged by a social media message sent by Prime Minister Trudeau, himself, and we have no idea who and what they are … perhaps until it is too late. The official opposition, and thinking Canadians, need to hold the Trudeau government’s feet to the fire on this issue.

It’s not about tolerance or compassion or even about refugees … it’s about basic sovereignty and security.

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