Beyond nonsense …

Is the Trudeau regime hypocritical and dishonest right to the very core? It looks that way to me.

Two things caught my eye:

  • First, CBC News reports that “Jo Hye Kyung beat the odds: She made a dangerous escape from North Korea 20 years ago and eventually made her way to Canada and a new life. But because she initially settled in South Korea, her life in Toronto may soon be uprooted … [because] … Jo, 32, is just one of a number of North Korean defectors in Canada who came to the country by way of South Korea and could now be sent back to a place where, they say, they face systemic discrimination … [but] … As soon as North Koreans enter South Korea, they are granted citizenship, but that makes them ineligible to apply for asylum in Canada since South Korea is considered a safe country. Which is why they end up applying for refugee status as North Koreans without declaring their South Korean citizenship … [and] … Around 135 North Koreans were in the process of removal as of July although it was unclear how many of those held South Korean citizenship, according to the Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA).” There have been reports in credible journals that “North Korean Defector[s] [are] ‘Treated Like Dirt’ in South [Korea] so the Koreans may have a better case for seeking asylum in Canada than do the tens of thousands who are crossing our border, “irregularly,” from the USA; and 
  • Second, CBC News, again, reports that “International law does not require Canada to give citizenship to babies born on its soil, the federal government is telling the Supreme Court — an argument that could inadvertently bolster a recent Conservative party resolution aimed at stemming so-called birth tourism … [and] … Canada is one of fewer than three dozen countries that follow the practice of citizenship based on birthplace and some — including Australia and Britain — have modified or ended automatic birthright in recent years, the government says in a case that will determine whether the Toronto-born sons of Russian spies are Canadian citizens … [but] … The federal Liberals adopted a decidedly different tone recently after the Conservatives passed a policy resolution calling on the government to enact legislation to end birthright citizenship “unless one of the parents of the child born in Canada is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada” … [and] … Following passage of the resolution, Mathieu Genest, a spokesperson for Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, said it’s a “shame to see the Conservatives going back down the path established by the Harper government, which seeks to strip away the citizenship of people who have only ever known Canada as a home” … [and then] … Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary, Gerald Butts, called the Conservative policy “a deeply wrong and disturbing idea.”

What’s “deeply wrong and disturbing” is the rank hypocrisy of the Trudeau regime that tells us that ~ when even Trudeau’s token Immigration Minister says that “the number of asylum seekers is rising “far beyond” what the system can handle” ~ that we are “being “not Canadian,”are “divisive”and are “fearmongering” … [if we dare to suggest that] … border crossers are jumping the queue and that the system is in crisis,” but then turns around and applies a strict interpretation of the laws to a group of migrants who are, less likely to become loyal Liberal voters.

What’s “deeply wrong and disturbing” is that the Trudeau regimes talks out of both sides of its mouth: while Mathieu Genest and Gerald Butts tell bald faced lies about a grass roots Conservative motion at a policy convention, the official arm of the Liberal government argues, in our courts, that the CPC members are, in fact, correct.

There may be just about a year until we, Canadians, are, again, embroiled in an election campaign … but it could come sooner. We know that the Liberals will trot out all their “divisive” lies and “fearmongering” innuendos to try to convince a large segment of society ~ the one that doesn’t pay much attention to the news, not even that reported by the Liberal friendly CBC network ~ that the Liberals are nice, and kind, and inclusive and progressive, while the Conservatives are, somehow, “not Canadian” because they want the laws enforces, equally, for all. What the Trudeau regime is saying and then doing, out of the limelight, is beyond nonsense.

We, Canadians, are a fair minded, generally liberal, even progressive people; we want fair and equal treatment for all; why then will millions of Canadians vote, again, for a dishonest, hypocritical, and decidedly illiberal Liberal Party of Canada?

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