A snap election?

The Star, a pretty Liberal friendly journal, says, in an article by Robin Sears, a former Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 09.34.32NDP insider (in fact he was national director of the NDP for seven years), that “Liberal hawks, like those of a generation earlier, are heatedly debating a snap election call. Not entirely surprising, since [we] have not seen a decade since the ’50s when a government has not been forced by events, or decided to seize a strategic advantage, and called an early election … [and] … The Liberal hawks’ arguments are getting stronger. Neither of their opponents is ready, and each will likely be stronger a year from now. The Federal Court and Donald Trump have both just stuck a finger in the Prime Minister’s eye. This is an opportunity to return the favour with a much harder counterpunch, a strong new political mandate.

That’s the case … except for the fact that it isn’t just “The Federal Court and Donald ea822f56-1b76-11e8-804d-87987865af94_4000x1584_173100Trump [who] have both just stuck a finger in the Prime Minister’s eye,” it is Xi Jinping, in China and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rob Ford in Ontario and and Scott Moe in Saskatchewan and inept ministers like Ahmed Hussen who says one thing to parliament and quite another to his own government, and Maryam Monsef who bungled the democratic reform file, and, of course, it is Justin Trudeau himself who, quite simply, has proven, time after time after time, that he’s “just not ready” for the job.

I agree with Robin Sears … going to the polls sooner, e.g. in the fall of 2018, and running against Donald Trump (and the ghost of Stephen Harper) makes good political sense because it seems, to me, highly unlikely that Justin Trudeau and his gang that cannot shoot straight are going to get any better in the next year or so. In fact the Trudeau regime’s record, to date, suggests that a year from now the country might be in ruins.

Right now the NDP appears to be in shambles; Jagmeet Singh’s leadership is being questioned at pretty high levels, and the Conservatives are still reeling from Maxime’s Bernier’s defection. Waiting until October 2019 risks giving both the Conservatives and the NDP time to reorganize and present new, attractive programmes and, perhaps even new, more attractive leaders, too.

Will he go to the polls in 2018? Who knows? Parliament is due to reconvene, after the long summer recess, in a week ~ on 17 September. Many people were expecting a new Throne Speech outlining a pre-election platform filled with promises that will, most likely, never be kept, but Robin Sears makes a good case for Prime Minister Trudeau to go to the Governor General, next week, and to tell her that the situation is such that Canada’s government needs a new mandate.

bruce-main28B64BA09-5C0A-4EC6-92B1-3CEA58BCCD16Would it work? Are enough Canadians ready to believe that a leopard can change its sports or that Justin Trudeau can, somehow, perhaps magically, develop a brain? (Many thanks to Bruce MacKinnon, who draws in the Halifax Chronicle Herald for the cartoon extract.)



4 thoughts on “A snap election?”

  1. Would this not require amending the Canada Elections Act? Not hard to do for a majority, but still takes some time to get the amendment through Parliament.

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