Undemocratic liberalism and the elitist oligarchs

In a thoughtful and provocative article in the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, a highly regarded British financial journalist and commentator who seems troubled by the same things that worry me, reviews some of the problems facing liberal democracy today and, quotes Yascha Mounk of Harvard University who says that "both “undemocratic liberalism” and “illiberal democracy” … Continue reading Undemocratic liberalism and the elitist oligarchs

OK, let’s say we’re sorry

So, I see, according to a report in Gulf News, that "Saudi Arabia has dashed Canadian hopes for an end to their dispute, saying that Ottawa should first fix the mistake it made by apologising ... [and] ... Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said at an event organised by the Council on Foreign Affairs in … Continue reading OK, let’s say we’re sorry

Pure political gold

Terry Milewski, of CBC News, has it about 99.99% correct, I think when he says, on social media, that it is ... ... that, being 'dissed' by Trump is political gold, making Trump angry is the mother lode; the Liberal Party of Canada has struck it rich ... many Canadians will forgive Prime Minister Trudeau … Continue reading Pure political gold

Worries about China and Russia

A report in the New York Times says that "China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the United States." Of course that qualifier, "in all scenarios short of war," covers a lot of ground but it implies de facto political and military control over a … Continue reading Worries about China and Russia

If it gets better

In a private message a friend, a retired soldier and current academic, described a recent counter-terrorism conference he attended; one of the speakers (Chatham House rules so no names) gave a very optimistic presentation; that speaker was followed by a mutual acquaintance, a very senior person with good contacts in the upper levels of several … Continue reading If it gets better