So now we know some of the truth


For months Conservative MP Michelle Rempel has been warning us about the crisis that we have on our border because “irregular DiGRYp7U0AAT3kOmigrants,” the people who enter Canada illegally and then become ‘legal,‘ after a fashion, when they demand asylum, are choking our system. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his token Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale all pooh-poohed her and even hinted that she was a racist.

No, we learn, via a leaked letter that was the obtained by the National Post, that, in Minister Hussen’s own words  ““This situation is not sustainable, nor is it fair to the people who need Canada’s protection.”

It is a stark admission of Liberal failure and dishonesty.

It all began when our man-child prime minister decided that Twitter was a good way to differentiate his kind, oh so progressive, sunny ways from US President Trump’s dark and devious ones …


… and, because the Team Trudeau mantra is that Justin can never be wrong about anything, the government had to “welcome” people who saw this as an open invitation to break our laws or, at least, abuse a loophole in them … with impunity.

Some, but not, by any means, all Canadians oppose “irregular migration” …

La Meute protest in Quebec City

… and that includes some ‘New Canadians,’ who waited, patiently, in the immigration lines …


Most Canadians really ant to help legitimate refugees …

… who are huddled in massive and miserable camps in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, but they don’t really know how to do that in any efficient and effective way. They want to welcome refugees to Canada …

"Refugees are welcome" rally in Toronto, Canada.

 … even though that may be the most costly and lest effective way to help the greatest number who are in the greatest need. In fact it seems, to me, likely that the lucky refugees who come to Canada are those in the least need of help.

But Prime Minister Trudeau and Immigration Minister Hussen have exploited the Michelle RempelQFVLDAC6DZJCFGWYLVVF574LPUrefugee crises ~ and there’s more than one around the world ~ for their own partisan, political gains and they have, as the leaked letter confirms, consistently, lied to Canadians, including in answers to questions in parliament, about the scale and costs of the “irregular migrant” situation. This is disgraceful, and kudos to whomever leaked that damning letter.

Canadians need to think about:

  • Immigration ~ I believe we need more, maybe a lot more but I also believe it needs better recruiting and selection programmes, focused more on the most ‘reliable’ source countries like China, India and the Philippines;
  • Refugees ~ I think there are some better ways to help, and I have written about how, before; and
  • Irregular migrants” ~ none is too many …

… because they are three separate and distinct issues that need separate and distinct policies and programmes. What they do not need is more Liberal lies.

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