RIP John S McCain

In the recent tumultuous months and years one US politician tried, but didn’t always succeed, to rise above the pandemonium, but now brain cancer has silenced the voice of John McCain.

The Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic said, and I agree, that: “John McCain never quit on us. Not on Arizona, the U.S. Senate, America or the worldLet the record show that John Sidney McCain never quit on his country … [when] … he nearly died in a fire that killed 134 of his shipmates on an aircraft carrier in the Tonkin Gulf, he went on to fly combat missions … [and when] … he nearly died ejecting out of a plane over North Vietnam, he steeled himself for nearly six heroic years of captivity as an American POW … [then when] … he nearly died from torture in a Hanoi prison, he came home and began a career of service in Congress … [and], finally] … as he neared death with cancer and its punishing treatment regimen, he railed against a brutal Syrian regime and the excesses of a populist president … The man had no quit.

The editorial goes on tot ay that “He came from an America that believed in the sun-faded ideals of honor and duty. And so he spent the last months of his three decades as U.S. senator making the case for honorable conduct … [and] … In one of America’s dark hours, when the country was beset upon itself, McCain used his last great speech to call on the leaders of this country to stop savaging one another, to start working together … [thus, the Editorial Board asks] … Who will ever forget McCain’s return to the U.S. Senate last summer that brought every member of that body to their feet to warmly acknowledge him after doctors broke the news he had little time to live?

The Arizona Republic concludes that “McCain served his state and his country with integrity and high distinction. He carried the torch for limited government and American military strength and leadership, and in his final days of service he stood up to his own party’s president for violating not just the values of our nation, but the norms of decency … [and then] … There was a moment after McCain had returned home from Washington for what looked like the last time, when journalists began preparing for his imminent resignation. But some who knew him best realized that was foolish. McCain would never resign … [and] … If you sat down with him to talk issues, it wouldn’t take long before the conversation drifted to sports. And it is there you find the metaphor that best describes McCain: “He left it all on the field” … Which is to say, he never quit on us.

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