It appears I’m in the mainstream

The Globe and Mail reports (from Tessa Wright of the Canadian Press) that: “Canadians are generally supportive of current immigration levels, a survey of public perceptions commissioned by the federal government suggests — but they are also worried and confused when it comes to the issue of asylum seekers.” I am worried about the inflow of asylum seekers ~ almost all of whom I suspect are just economic migrants looking for a better life ~ but not, I think, “confused.” In fact I’m quite sure that the current, worrisome levels, are the direct result of a cheap-shot, virtue-signalling tweet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau …


… and I am equally certain that most of them are not the sorts of immigrants we need and want in Canada in 2018.

The study,” Ms Wright says, “conducted in March by the polling firm Ipsos, solicited the opinions of newcomers, established immigrants living in Canada and the general public through a series of focus groups, as well as surveys conducted via telephone and online … [and] … It was commissioned, with a price tag of $245,000, by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada as part of ongoing research to gain a better understanding of the attitudes of Canadians toward immigrants and the federal government’s immigration programs … [and, while] … Most participants said they believe immigration has a positive effect on Canada, on the country’s economic prospects and on “shaping Canada’s cultural mosaic” … [but some] … expressed doubt about the fairness of the system, considering the influx of people who have been entering Canada at unofficial border crossings since 2017 in order to apply for asylum … [and] … A perception exists that so-called “irregular” migrants are exploiting the system to get express entry into Canada and that security procedures are being compromised as a result, the survey found.

Bingo! It seems to me to be self evident that the “so-called “irregular” migrants are exploiting the system to get express entry into Canada and that security procedures are being compromised as a result.” Team Trudeau was, it also seems to me, forced, by the practicalities of politics, to double down on the Prime Minister’s cheap-shot tweet, which aimed to differentiate him from US President Donald Trump, and, thus, by doubling down, to reinforce a stupid decision. These same sorts of migrants nearly brought down the German government and forced the Germans to open concentration internment camps.

Typically, for Liberals, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen’s press secretary Mathieu REMPEL-MPGenest tried to blame the worry on the Conservatives, but Michelle Rempel, who deserves much credit for keeping this issue alive, “called the study a costly exercise in government spin and a waste of taxpayer dollars.” It certainly is part of a government “spin” campaign which is essential to try to keep the focus off Justin Trudeau’s blundering tweet and, instead, shift it towards a focus “on the economic and cultural benefits of immigration to Canada.” If both the government and the opposition affirm that real, legitimate, carefully selected immigrants are beneficial to Canada and quite necessary to maintain and enhance our economic and social prosperity then the study will not have been a total waste of money … but doing so means that we must also understand that the asylum seekers ~ the “irregular” migrants ~ are, in most cases, NOT what Canada needs and wants. They are unfortunate people who must be treated as the law requires ~ and that means fairly and humanely ~ but they need not be welcomed here; in fact they should be detained until almost all can be deported.

The Liberals might, now, begin to understand that they are ‘offside’ on the “irregular” migrant issue and that they should look to Germany for some hints about the political consequences.


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