If this is true …

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 07.33.30

… and unlike, say, Environment Minister McKenna and other Liberals who post and then have to delete erroneous nonsense, Ms Rempel is far more often right than wrong when she posts on social media, then the Trudeau Liberals have screwed the pooch again.

It is bad enough that they have lost control of our border and, therefore, of our 0093 CANADA US BORDER 08112immigration and refugee policies, they are now allowing “irregular migrants” to exploit our laws to turn their relatives into legitimate asylum seekers. We, Canada, want and need more and more immigrants … the ones we select and vet and then force to wait in the queue for a long time. What we do not need and do not want are the Screen-Shot-2017-01-28-at-7.15.54-PM-1people that Justin Trudeau invited to come to Canada when he attempted, 18 months ago, to score a cheap political point against US President Donald J Trump. Well, they’re here and while we must give them due process of law they are NOT the people Canada wants and needs and nor are most of their relatives. Our borders are broken ~ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his inept team of fumblers and bumblers did that ~ and now our borders and our immigration and refugee systems need to be fixed, but Team Trudeau seems terrified of giving offence to any ethnic group that might, potentially, vote Liberal so they dither and shilly-shally when resolute, lawful, responsible action is required.

The Trudeau Liberals have failed Canada … they need to be sent back to the opposition benches in 2019.

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