Asterix at work

So the big. US led, allied naval exercise RIMPAC 2018 is over and Canada’s ships and aircraft are returning home after a good work-out with other navies and air forces … BZ to all!

One sight we haven’t seen for a few years is a Canadian replenishment ship supporting allies … mostly, for the last several years it has been Canadian ships being refuelled and resupplied by our allies, but the leased and co-manned (partially civilian, partially Royal Canada Navy) replenishment ship Asterix did a lot of good work during RIMPAC …

… so an extra BZ to her and her captain and crew, too.

I don’t know when out modified Berlin class military replenishment ships will, eventually, hit the water but we’re only getting two of them and Canada could use, sooner, another Asterix … even if it has to be adapted in a Conservative riding.


5 thoughts on “Asterix at work”

    1. Because defence procurement is, 100%, a political issue … politicians decide ~ no one really cares what the military might think it needs (and that, not caring what the military wants, is good and proper, by the way) and no one cares about what the bureaucrats define as a good deal ~ it is always, without fail, a political decision. If you do not grasp that fundamental point … well,

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