In an opinion piece in the Globe and Mail, Alex Simakov, a “new Canadian,” a consultant and (unsuccessful) prospective Conservative candidate in the recent Ontario election, says that “Immigrants can be an unpredictable bunch. Perhaps that’s to be expected from anyone willing to pack their lives into a suitcase and start anew halfway around the world. It’s an important attribute to survive and thrive, as most are fortunate to do in Canada. But it also leads to some unpleasant surprises for politicians, who, having welcomed them in, naively expect their undying electoral loyalty. Judging by his recent actions, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to learn this the hard way … [and] … Mr. Trudeau’s attitude toward the concept of citizenship may prove a great political liability with established immigrants. Having shed years of blood, sweat and tears to earn their Canadian passports, many immigrant voters likely didn’t take kindly to their Prime Minister issuing, via Twitter, an open invitation to the rest of the world to collect theirs at the door.

I think that attitude is already visible. It was reported thatAt least a dozen police protest-11vehicles and two dozen officers had to be called in to Markham Civic Centre Saturday afternoon after a demonstration between those opposed to illegal border-crossers and those who support them turned violent … [and] … The groups, made up almost entirely of Chinese-Canadian citizens, appeared to be voicing their displeasure after they say they heard that Mayor Frank Scarpitti supports having Markham co-ordinate with the York Catholic District School Board to host as many as up to 5,000 illegal border crossers, also called irregular border crossers, asylum seekers or illegal refugees, at unused buildings in Markham.”

Those (mostly) Chinese immigrants were out doing what Canadians do ~ protesting government action or inaction that they see as unfair to themselves or to others. There’s nothing “unCanadian” about that … at least there wasn’t when people protested against the Energy East pipeline in Quebec or against tankers in British Columbia, but some media outlets and some community groups seem to think that it’s “unCanadian” to protest against government (local, provincial or national) actions that one sees as being incompatible with one’s community’s best interests … it is not xenophobia and racism” to speak out against mollycoddling migrants who entered Canada illegally as opposed to waiting in to the too long, legal, queues as all those Chinese Canadians in Markham did.

The Markham protest was small potatoes compared to other anti-migrant demonstration, including here in Canada …

… what made it unique, and, I suspect, dangerous to the Trudeau regime, was the fact that it was made up of middle aged, middle class, suburban ethnic Canadians ~ the very voters Team Trudeau is trying, desperately, to court in 2019.

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