Is this “news?” Really?

I wasn’t going to comment on this … it seemed, at first, like tempest on a tea cup, but it continues to rankle, so …

C’mon CTV News … is this tripe really “news?” Is that what journalism in Canada has come to?

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 05.27.05

It look to me like this …

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 05.27.21.png

… was written in the Trudeau 2019 campaign war room ~ which we call the PMO, since this government is ALL about and ONLY about Prime Minister Trudeau’s re-election  …. and has been since the fall of 2015.

Is it really “news” that the Liberal Party of Canada is using the PM and a minor league celebrity to raise money?

Why, when you got this press release did you not do a story that could have been headlined: “Trudeau Libs in Cash for Access Scheme, Again“?

Do you still wonder why more and more Canadians are losing confidence in both government and the media? This makes it look like you, CTV News, are just part of the Trudeau re-election team …

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