Birth tourism … and more

Michelle Rempel, a principled politician who has shown real focus and leadership on her shadow cabinet file (immigration) has posted the following on social media: "I am so profoundly tired of our inability to discuss policy issues related to immigration in a pragmatic way. I’m tired of raising legitimate concerns, trying to examine them, only … Continue reading Birth tourism … and more

They were “asking for more than we can give” after all

The Supreme Court of Canada has, according to a CBC News report, refused "on Thursday to hear an appeal of ... [a case brought by disgruntled wounded Afghan war veterans in which] ... The high court was asked to consider hearing an appeal of a British Columbia Court of Appeal ruling last December which stated there was no … Continue reading They were “asking for more than we can give” after all

Uh, oh …

This report, from Global News, says that "The Federal Court of Appeal has overturned the Trudeau government’s approval of the contentious Trans Mountain pipeline expansion ... [and] ... In a unanimous decision by a panel of three judges, the court says the National Energy Board’s review of the project was so flawed that the federal government could … Continue reading Uh, oh …

A warning for Canada

Accountants are often seen as boring people ... working, quietly, at desks with thick ledgers and calculators, making 'front line' people keep track of this penny and that dime at the expense of getting the job done. But accountants are not just bean counters with fancy titles, they are, also, strategic thinkers who help small … Continue reading A warning for Canada

Dividing the right?

So, Maxime Bernier wants to start a new party, does he? Good luck with that ... opinion seems divided on his prospects for success. What does seem sure is that his defection is a boon for Prime Minister Trudeau ... that simple fact cannot be denied. New political movements are nothing new in Canada ... … Continue reading Dividing the right?

Will he or won’t he?

Andrew MacDougall, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, lays out a good political case for Prime Minister Trudeau to remove our disgraceful supply management system. The optics might be terrible ~ giving n to Donald Trump, etc ~ but Mr MacDougall argues that reducing the price of milk and eggs for tens of millions of Canadians … Continue reading Will he or won’t he?

So now we know some of the truth

For months Conservative MP Michelle Rempel has been warning us about the crisis that we have on our border because "irregular migrants," the people who enter Canada illegally and then become 'legal,' after a fashion, when they demand asylum, are choking our system. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his token Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and … Continue reading So now we know some of the truth