Good advice

Don Campbell, who is an Advisor at DLAPiper, a global law firm, and a former Deputy Minister of Trade, and Kevin Lynch, who is Vice Chair, BMO Financial Group, and a former Clerk of the Privy Council, have written a must read prescription for Canada's government in the Globe and Mail. They focus on dealing … Continue reading Good advice

Leading the mob

According to a report on the CTV News website, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has brought some much needed good sense to the debates about the impact of Donald Trump's presidency. "On Wednesday, he was speaking at a Five Eyes panel discussion in London, U.K., where he said he thinks Trump’s “America First” policy will … Continue reading Leading the mob

Trudeau’s real weakness

I was a tiny bit mystified by all the fuss and bother over e.g. a $7,500 swing set for the prime minister's summer cottage. I understand that many, many Canadians' eyes glaze over when they see $750 Million in a headline because they cannot imagine millions and millions of anything, even dollars, but they do … Continue reading Trudeau’s real weakness