Immigrants, refugees and migrants (this is about #10)

This is another post that deals, in part, with being a Conservative, having an opinion, expressing one's opinion and, hopefully, not being a horse's ass ... John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, explains, and I agree fully, that the immigration, refugee and migrant issue presents both challenges and opportunities for Canada's two main … Continue reading Immigrants, refugees and migrants (this is about #10)

What we don’t know

So, there is a very useful, I think, summary of the Danforth shooting by Stewart Bell on Global TV's website. The 'new' bit of the news is that "The so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Toronto mass shooting, calling the attacker a “soldier” who was responding to calls to “target citizens of coalition countries.”" But we have … Continue reading What we don’t know

Doing things right

I agree with The Star's senior political columnist Susan Delacourt when she says that Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt showed, earlier this week, as she critiqued the recent Trudeau cabinet shuffle "how it’s possible to do criticism on the sunny, high road. An endangered skill, perhaps, but one worth preserving, especially if Canada is determined … Continue reading Doing things right

Time to get intelligence and security right

Just a few days ago I said that I was not a big fan of the American intelligence community and a couple of weeks before that I explained, in sightly more detail, that my lack of enthusiasm was, in some part, because I believe that US President John F Kennedy reformed the CIA on the … Continue reading Time to get intelligence and security right

2019 (15): Suburban and urban battlegrounds

Further to my very recent comments about the pressing need for the Conservative Party of Canada to retake Ontario, especially the suburban ridings surrounding Toronto, political analyst Éric Grenier, writing for CBC News, says that "First-term governments have historically been much more likely than not to get a second term. But polls suggest the Liberals are far from … Continue reading 2019 (15): Suburban and urban battlegrounds