Doing things right

I agree with The Star‘s senior political columnist Susan Delacourt when she says that Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt showed, earlier this week, as she critiqued the recent Trudeau cabinet shuffle “how it’s possible to do criticism on the sunny, high road. An endangered skill, perhaps, but one worth preserving, especially if Canada is determinedContinue reading “Doing things right”

Time to get intelligence and security right

Just a few days ago I said that I was not a big fan of the American intelligence community and a couple of weeks before that I explained, in sightly more detail, that my lack of enthusiasm was, in some part, because I believe that US President John F Kennedy reformed the CIA on theContinue reading “Time to get intelligence and security right”

2019 (15): Suburban and urban battlegrounds

Further to my very recent comments about the pressing need for the Conservative Party of Canada to retake Ontario, especially the suburban ridings surrounding Toronto, political analyst Éric Grenier, writing for CBC News, says that “First-term governments have historically been much more likely than not to get a second term. But polls suggest the Liberals are far fromContinue reading “2019 (15): Suburban and urban battlegrounds”

Endlessly fascinated

We, the whole world, I suppose, remain endlessly fascinated with US President Donald J Trump. In a column in the National Post, Andrew Coyne takes another look at him, based on the recent Helsinki fiasco. President Trump, he says “has survived other such episodes, and will probably survive this one. The Republican Senators lining upContinue reading “Endlessly fascinated”

Is Marcon the answer?

There is an interesting article in Foreign Policy about the political problems that President Donald Trump’s demands for increased defence spending create for Germany. The author, Elisabeth Braw, who is a journalist and an adjunct fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis, explains that the German military is seriously underfunded (like, I hasten to add,Continue reading “Is Marcon the answer?”

2019 (14) Who speaks for Ontario?

John Ibbitson has written an insightful opinion piece in the Globe and Mail that speaks to next year’s federal general election. He describes the voters who brought Doug Ford to office and notes that “the same voter who supported Doug Ford in June supported Justin Trudeau in 2015. Many suburban Ontario ridings now have LiberalContinue reading “2019 (14) Who speaks for Ontario?”

Anchor, cornerstone or stumbling block?

Several years ago I co-authored a piece in another forum which suggested that NATO had gone from being a cornerstone of Canada’s foreign and defence policies to being a stumbling block, preventing us from thinking in global terms. My basic views are unchanged. The Anchor I believe, and I have alluded to this several times,Continue reading “Anchor, cornerstone or stumbling block?”

Trump and Putin in Helsinki

““Bizarre”. “Shameful”. “Disgraceful”” the South China Morning Post says, and  “That’s the swift and sweeping condemnation directed at US President Donald Trump after he sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a stunning appearance in Helsinki – and that’s just from Trump’s fellow Republicans.” Meanwhile, in the Globe and Mail Mark MacKinnon reports that “ItContinue reading “Trump and Putin in Helsinki”

A different sort of “how much is enough?”

I came across an article in the Calgary Herald which reports that a fellow named Todd Beasley who was one of three candidates vying for the Brooks-Medicine Hat nomination to stand for election as a United Conservative Party candidate has “announced he would be withdrawing his name after being asked by the party to do soContinue reading “A different sort of “how much is enough?””