2019 (15): Another Trudeau vulnerability that must be exploited with care

This is going to end up as another bit of a rant, I’m afraid, but I saw in a Hill Times reports that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s failure so far to clearly explain the groping allegation against him 18 years ago is “front and centre” in the minds of some Liberal MPs as they head to the Liberal summer caucus retreat in Saskatchewan in September, say some Liberal MPs and pundits. “He owes his caucus a full explanation, which may happen at their caucus retreat,” said Penny Collenette.Ms Collenette is a former director of appointments in the Jean Chrétien PMO, and now an adjunct professor of law at the University of Ottawa, so her opinion probably matters more than mine.

Although “some Liberal MPs” are worried about the fairly obvious double standard being applied to Prime Minister Trudeau, the article says that some other MPs say that confronting Justin Trudeau “would be a career-ending move” for anyone who dares.

Thus far the prime minister has gotten a relatively free ride ~ many media outlets were and remain reluctant to report the story or to demand an explanation from the prime TRUDEAUminister. That’s understandable because “the Angus Reid Institute released a poll on July 20 which found that 63 per cent said this specific incident was overblown and garnering too much attention.” Many (most?) people see this as a biased attempt to hold the prime minister to account for something he might have done 18 years ago when he was, probably, a bit befuddled by sunshine and beer.

But the prime minister has, publicly, said that there is only one standard for conduct between the sexes and everyone, himself included, must be held to it, and he has been quick to hold others to account for much the same thing.

The issue is not the ‘Kokanee Grope,’ per se, I think there is little doubt that it happened and I also think that there is little doubt that Prime Minister Trudeau has grown up since then.

The issue is that he set the bar high and now he needs to crawl under it.

This is a clear case of Liberal hypocrisy and of double standards and Conservatives and the media and the commentariat need to keep hammering away at it … but carefully in the case of the CPC because, as I mentioned, yesterday, citing Conservative heavyweight Andrew MacDougall, the bar for comment is also set high and Conservatives must clear it. It’s not fair that Justin Trudeau can crawl under the bar while Andrew Scheer must jump it cleanly, but that’s the nature of political comment in 2018 …

Conservatives must jump every hurdle, cleanly, while Liberals can crawl under some. And it’s not just the ‘Kokanee Grope‘ or migration or the PM’s virtue signalling when tartrying to renegotiate NAFTA … Conservatives have too many ‘friends’ who post vile, hate filled drivel on social media and they end up tarring us all with the same brush. There is fair comment and then there is comment that makes all conservatives seem to be angry old white men who hate immigrants and Muslims and women. Conservative leaders, politicians and commentators need to speak out against the hatred some are trying to spread. Real, honest Conservatives don’t care about anyone’s religious beliefs ~ they are a private matter between each man and woman and her or his god;  real Conservatives don’t care about race ~ they know that the good and bad, the honest and venal, the brave and the cowardly come in every race and ethnic group; good Conservatives know, in their minds and hearts, that men and women are equal in all ways that matter. Those who don’t believe those things are NOT Conservatives.

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