A dangerous, short-term game

So, I see, from a report on the CBC News (Metro Morning) website that Prime Minister Trudeau “criticized conservative politicians — the prime minister didn’t name names, though said they’re both here and around the world — for making the refugee issue as a divisive one … [and, he said] … “When you’re playing up divisions and fear, you’re playing a very dangerous, short-term game.” He is, I suppose, mainly criticizing Conservatives like Michelle Rempel in Canada and any number of European politicians, including Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer who, just a week ago, forced Chancellor Angela Merkel to reverse course and “to build border camps for asylum seekers and to tighten the border with Austria.” I suppose he is also criticizing people like me because I have for many months now, been asking for exactly what Horst Seehofer demanded … except I want Austria replaced with America.

It seems to me that critics of Prime Minister Trudeau (and Chancellor Merkel) are focused mainly on what the New York Times (link above) called some politicians’ presumed “legacy” of welcoming migrants, even, in Prime Minister Trudeau’s case, of encourage illegal migrants by trying to score cheap political points off US President Donald Trump.

I am happy to concede that Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Trudeau are motivated, in the main, by commendable human altruism and I agree, fully with Prime Minister Trudeau when he says that “”We have to provide due process for people according with Canadian law”” … but he also added “and values” at the very end of that sentence and I’m not sure that I can agree that he, Justin Trudeau, is any more ‘in tune‘ with Canadians’ values than I am or than Michelle Rempel is. Generosity is one of our values, to be sure, but so are prudence and thrift and I’m not sure that most Canadians see welcoming tens of thousands of illegal migrants as being a useful policy.

Ms Rempel and Herr Seehofer can speak for themselves, but for my part I totally reject Prime Minister Trudeau’s notion that I am being “dangerous” or that I am playing some sort “short-term game” because I want illegal migrants rounded up, at the border, and detained in guarded camps until their cases can be dealt with in a lawful manner … those who are not legitimate refugees but who cannot be returned to the USA must then be Screen-Shot-2017-01-28-at-7.15.54-PM-1kept in secure camps … not “welcomed” to Canada. The only “short-term game” that was played was by Justin Trudeau when he sent off his now infamous tweet encouraging migrants to break the law. It was an immature political cheap shot, aimed to score an easy political point against President Trump … it was worthy of a high school student, not a national leader. But, hey, almost 40% of us voted for “real change,” didn’t we?

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