Trudeau’s real weakness

I was a tiny bit mystified by all the fuss and bother over e.g. a $7,500 swing set for the prime minister’s summer cottage. I understand that many, many Canadians’ eyes glaze over when Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 04.46.11they see $750 Million in a headline because they cannot imagine millions and millions of anything, even dollars, but they do know what a swing set costs at Canadian Tire, Home Depot or Walmart. But it, the expenses incurred at Harrington Lake or needed at 24 Sussex Drive or for the VIP executive jets etc do not outrage me.

What does bother me and what I think the Conservatives and, especially the media needs to focus on is Prime Minister Trudeau’s very suspect personal ethics:

Any one was, I suppose, excusable as a simple error in judgement, maybe a rookie mistake, but they pile up, one after the other, and they should be telling us all, even the most progressive of journalists and the Laurentian Elites that Justin Trudeau is, quite simply, not fit for his task. He is morally and ethically flawed ~ irredeemably so, in my opinion. It appears that more and more Canadian can see that and even our distaste for President Trump’s personal bullying of Justin Trudeau does not save him from serious disapproval ratings.

The Liberal Party needs to wake up … it beat the Conservatives, fair and square, in 2015, despite a weak but likeable leader who promised everything to everybody; Canadians were tired of Stephen Harper and his CPC government after nine years in power; they were ready for change; the Liberals offered change; but now Canadians are awakening to the fact that it’s not the change they wanted. Currently it looks most likely that the CPC will win a minority government in 2019. I do not expect the Liberals to commit political regicide and depose a sitting prime minister ~ that sort of thing is not, sadly, in our, Canadian, political traditions (although it certainly should be) ~ but, after losing next year I do expect senior Liberals to dump Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts and the others and select a grown-up leader. I have some ideas, but, although I do, sincerely, wish the Liberal Party of Canada well I do not expect them to heed my advice … even when it’s good.


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