Energy East

Two items caught my eye last week: First, on the BNN Bloomberg site, reporter Jameson Berkow said that “Having already lost the race to sell liquefied natural gas across the Pacific to energy-hungry Asian economies, Canada is now falling further behind in the race to sell LNG across the Atlantic as well … [because] … EarlierContinue reading “Energy East”

And in support of Mr Solomon

And now, in support of Mr Solomon’s view, about which I commented just a few minutes ago, Fraser Howie, an author and businessman, has written, in the South China Morning Post that “To some … [which likely include Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] …  Beijing’s rapid fiscal and monetary moves may seem like strength: it isContinue reading “And in support of Mr Solomon”

And still another view

Lawrence Solomon, who is a somewhat controversial author journalist and public policy activist, has written an interesting article in the Financial Post in which says, in part, that President Donald Trump has engineering a deal which “aims to reform the U.S.-EU half of the US$2 trillion in world trade … [and] … also constitutes an agreementContinue reading “And still another view”

It’s about time!

I see in a Canadian Press report published in the Globe and Mail that “Canada’s auditor general has started to dig into one of the Trudeau government’s most contentious claims, upon which rests the fate of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars: that the country is facing an urgent shortage of fighter jets … [and]Continue reading “It’s about time!”

Guns ‘n’ peril

Susan Delacourt, writing on iPolitics, reviews the sad story of gun control in Canada and concludes that “guns are back in the Liberals’ political sights, even if the Prime Minister didn’t aim them there.“ The catalyst is, of course, the recent Toronto shootings, but it also speaks to the Liberal party’s vote-rich, urban base. TheContinue reading “Guns ‘n’ peril”

2019 (15): Another Trudeau vulnerability that must be exploited with care

This is going to end up as another bit of a rant, I’m afraid, but I saw in a Hill Times reports that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s failure so far to clearly explain the groping allegation against him 18 years ago is “front and centre” in the minds of some Liberal MPs as they head toContinue reading “2019 (15): Another Trudeau vulnerability that must be exploited with care”

How long will this last?

So, just a few days ago the headlines bristled with news that, in defiance of all logic, ever, President Donald J Trump had invited Russian strongman Vladimir Putin to Washington and was threatening an all-out trade war with the EU … Now the Financial Times says that: “The EU and US have declared a ceasefireContinue reading “How long will this last?”

Immigrants, refugees and migrants (this is about #10)

This is another post that deals, in part, with being a Conservative, having an opinion, expressing one’s opinion and, hopefully, not being a horse’s ass … John Ibbitson, writing in the Globe and Mail, explains, and I agree fully, that the immigration, refugee and migrant issue presents both challenges and opportunities for Canada’s two mainContinue reading “Immigrants, refugees and migrants (this is about #10)”

What we don’t know

So, there is a very useful, I think, summary of the Danforth shooting by Stewart Bell on Global TV‘s website. The ‘new’ bit of the news is that “The so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Toronto mass shooting, calling the attacker a “soldier” who was responding to calls to “target citizens of coalition countries.”” But we haveContinue reading “What we don’t know”

Up for civilized debate

Andrew Potter, who is a noted (and occasionally controversial) Canadian academic and journalist has written an article for the Ottawa Citizen that I think is required reading for everyone in and around politics. His thesis is that we, Canadians, are in danger of losing the (British parliamentary) tradition of moderation and will, possibly, descend intoContinue reading “Up for civilized debate”