Maybe it’s time

Several Liberal Members of Parliament have been complaining, on social media, that the Conservative parliamentary manoeuvre designed to keep them all at their desks, in the House of Commons, voting on issues ~ you know, what we pay them to do ~ is an “insult to Islam” because those votes, which were, by the way, scheduled by Liberal House Leader Bardish Chagger, fall on the ‘holiday’ of Eid when Muslims break the fast they have observed during Ramadan. perhaps Ms Chaggar, being a Sikh, I think, didn’t appreciate the importance of Eid.

What is a little disturbing is the notion that Canada, a beacon of (often misguided) multiculturalism should give any precedence to any religious ‘holiday.’ The only way a multicultural society is going to survive is if it is resounding secular; being tolerant is not enough, secularism has be the common currency, not forced on people like French (and Quebecoislaïcité, but chosen by the people because, in some part, they zee that their own government gives no precedent to any holiday.

Why do our House of Common rules and procedures single out Christian ‘holidays,’ Easter and Christmas, but, as they should, ignore Yom Kippur and Eid and Diwali? I fully support regular and extensive ‘breaks’ in the parliamentary calendar so that members can return home to do constituency business, and holiday that are observed by large portions of the population are  good times to schedule such breaks … I’m sure a tiny handful of MPs did want to be ‘home’ to celebrate Eid with their family, friends and neighbours ~ it would be a good time to do some practical, constituency level politicking. But the Conservatives used proper parliamentary procedure to force MPs to remain in the house to vote on motion after motion … and inconvenience, to be sure.

But, maybe, it is time to make the parliamentary calendar fully secular … to rid it of all religious influence, even to remove references to Christmas. Maybe, then, other Canadians will follow suit.

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