The whole world is outraged at the fact ~ which seems undisputed ~ that US border security agents separate children from their parents and detain them in less that perfect facilities. It would never happen here, we say to ourselves … smugly.


This University of Toronto Faculty of Law report is from September 2016, so maybe things have changed, but it says that “Over the past several years, Canada has held hundreds of children in immigration detention, including children from Syria and other war-torn regions. According to figures obtained by the IHRP through access to information requests, an average of 242 children were detained each year between 2010 and 2014. These figures are an underestimate because they do not account for all children living with their parents in detention as ‘guests’, who were not subject to formal detention orders. Some of these include children with Canadian citizenship.

Seems to me like it’s a little (maybe a lot) of this:


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