If the shoe fits …

General Alexander “Sandy” Patch, a pretty able US Army combat commander who led both the Army and Marines at the battle of Guadalcanal, but who is relatively unknown because he died young, in 1945, said this (with thanks, again, to my friend The Regimental Rogue) …32293365_2160835133943256_2630285225300590592_n

… I think it applies, today, to President Donald J Trump and to many members of his team, including e.g. Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro, some of whom are back-peddling now for their ill-considered public comments

We have seen their character and it should tell us that the ‘leadership’ of the USA and of the whole West, which includes Australia, Japan, the Philippines and Singapore, is in urgent need of renewal.

2 thoughts on “If the shoe fits …”

  1. Trump and team single handedly driving western leadership into eastern dictatorship (leveling the field).

  2. The person who becomes the political leader is the one who can convince the multitudes that they can give everything to everyone. The person who should become the political leader is the one who understands that everything has a cost, that must be paid at some point in time.

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