Let’s do it!

President Trump has called for real free trade with Canada. “No tariffs,” he said, and “no subsidies.”

We should take him at his word. We should offer to meet, bilaterally, and discuss real, article-2014647-0D02677400000578-43_306x339honest free trade in which neither the US nor Canada can, for example, subsidize its farmers or use phoney “national security” or equally specious “regional development” excuses to subsidize e.g. aircraft manufacturers or shipyards. Trade in North America, we should suggest, would be as Adam Smith envisioned it ~ based on specialization and comparative advantage … the education and ethos of our people vs the USA.

Of course it would cause riots in both countries … American and Canadian workers would storm the White House and 24 Sussex Drive and throw Molotov cocktails at their elected leaders if either every, seriously, proposed what president Trump says he favours … but it would be worth it just to watch the reaction, in both countries.

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