Congratulations …

… to Premier (elect) Doug Ford and the progressive Conservative Party of Ontario …


… I take you at your word, sir, that you want to govern Ontario “for the people.”  “We, the people,” have one big, Big, BIG problem: governments, of all stripes, spend too much money and accomplish too little. Ontario remains, despite years, decades, even generations of mismanagement by Conservatives, Liberal and NDP governments …

… a rich and potentially highly productive place which should be the “economic engine of Canada” and a powerhouse in North America.

Ontario doesn’t, really, need “beer for a buck,” or a carbon tax. Ontario doesn’t have a revenue problem; it, like most of Canada has a serious, near fatal spending problem. Ontario doesn’t need you to take a wrecking ball too all of the McGuinty-Wynne follies, not everything they tried to do was wrong, sometimes good ideas got mangled by lousy implementation. Ontario needs you to take a scalpel and apply it with a firm but steady hand to almost every aspect of government.

There’s nothing innately wrong with, for example, a private electric utility company ~ look, for example, at Hong Kong, it can work ~ but the Wynne Liberals didn’t privatize the energy sector, they created a crony-capitalist type of monopoly that only Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump could love. Why does government have a monopoly on the sale of alcohol or, in the probable near future, on the sale of recreational drugs? What public policy is served? Is it really a revenue “cash cow?” How is Alberta ding with private beer, wine and liquor sales? The big, 800 pound gorilla in the room is health care funding. How can we have first class health care and good roads and a world class education system for our children, too?

There are challenges a plenty for you Mr Ford … I sincerely hope you’re up to them.

One thought on “Congratulations …

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