Put principles first

Two items in the Globe and Mail caught my eye: In the first, Gary Mason asks “Does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government really dislike Alberta and the West or is this just a convenient narrative, peddled by conservative politicians who have nothing but their own self-interest in mind?” He goes on to discuss theContinue reading “Put principles first”

The nationalist dream

In an essay in Foreign Affairs, Andrew Cohen, a Canadian journalist and author, says, after reviewing the often acrimonious personal relations between John Diefenbaker and John F Kennedy, Lester Pearson and Lyndon B Johnson, Pierre Trudeau and both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and Jean Chrétien and George W Bush, that “every time things souredContinue reading “The nationalist dream”

Fixing the system

Richard Haas who is a distinguished American diplomat and public servant and who is, currently, President of the Council of Foreign Relations, makes a key point: The only real solution to the ongoing global migration crisis, which bedevils politics in Europe, America and Canada, too, is to “contend” ~ somehow ~ with the violence, andContinue reading “Fixing the system”

On this one thing he’s quite right

According to an article in the Toronto Sun, “As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepares to attend the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels, U.S. President Donald Trump is calling on Canada to meet the alliance’s defence spending targets … [and] … In the June 19 letter, Trump says there is “growing frustration” in the United States withContinue reading “On this one thing he’s quite right”

On the whole, I agree, but …

Farzana Hassan, who is a Canadian author and human rights activist and a former President of the controversial and progressive Muslim Canadian Congress, has (in a column in the Toronto Sun) joined with Sun newspaper columnist “Tarek Fatah in appealing to Ontario premier-elect Doug Ford to ban the burka, the oppressive face covering. In fact, IContinue reading “On the whole, I agree, but …”

Canada’s not “back,” after all

According to a report in the Hill Times, Canada is not only not really “back,” it is likely, according to several experts, that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will fail in his attempt to get Canada a worthless, second class seat on the hopelessly unless United Nations Security Council. Seasoned former diplomats explain that Canada isContinue reading “Canada’s not “back,” after all”

More on liberalism

Professor Graham Allison of Harvard has been an influential (and occasionally controversial) academic in America for some years. In an article in Foreign Affairs he gives another view of liberalism that challenges my own views. He begins by saying that “Among the debates that have swept the U.S. foreign policy community since the beginning ofContinue reading “More on liberalism”