Double standards (2)

OK, so we all know that the Justin Trudeau regime decided that any group that did not share the Liberal Party's official position on abortion rights ~ which are not in the Charter, by the way ~ could not receive government grants for summer youth employment projects, like feeding the poor. We were not surprised, … Continue reading Double standards (2)

Time to cut the FAT!

I have said before, again and again, in fact, that the Canadian Forces' command and control, superstructure is beyond fat or even bloated, it is, in my professional opinion, so morbidly obese as to be dangerous to our national defence. We have so many underemployed admirals and generals sitting in too many headquarters that do … Continue reading Time to cut the FAT!

Double standards

Remember when Prime Minister Stephen Harper was accused of muzzling Canadian government scientists? Well, there was some truth in that ... it wasn't Prime Minister Harper, exactly, it was, according to Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault, just that "In one case, a government scientist was ordered to get permission from the Minister of Natural Resources before … Continue reading Double standards

Trudeau in trouble?

The reports of Justin Trudeau's mid term blues continue to proliferate ... now the Calgary Sun says that a recent Forum Poll suggests that if an election were held right now the CPC would have a whopping 205+ seat majority with the Liberals reduced to 110± seats; that's a gain of 100+ seats for the … Continue reading Trudeau in trouble?


It is, or it was, anyway, according to the ancient Greeks, possible to be in a state of complete imperturbability, called ataraxia, about some issue or another ... to be absolutely calm and cool in the face of great trouble. This is how we might think of Andrew Scheer and his new "no carbon tax" … Continue reading Ataraxia

Another foreign policy fumble

There is a somewhat troubling article in MacLean's about another "foreign policy folly" involving our immature prime minister and his hyper-partisan campaign team which now masquerades as his PMO. The story one again involves South Asia, but troubled Sri Lanka this time, and Daniel Jean, although this time he was, as Deputy Minister of Foreign … Continue reading Another foreign policy fumble