Just not ready?

Back in early June of 2016 the Prime Minister Trudeau said that the F-35 Lightning II is "a plane that “does not work." Well, this week, Defence News reported that "Lockheed Martin’s F-35 has seen combat for the first time ... [and] ... The Israel Defense Forces announced on its Twitter account that the Israeli … Continue reading Just not ready?

Some truth, at last

The Daily Mail reports that "The missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 nearly four years ago was fired by a Russian military unit, investigators declared today." This probably isn't much of a surprise to anyone except a tiny handful of people who still believe the Moscow party line on almost anything. "Flight MH17 was … Continue reading Some truth, at last

Dumber than dumb

So, relative to North Korea, again, now, it appears, according to the media, that "US President Donald Trump abruptly cancelled a planned meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un on Thursday, citing the leader’s “open hostility” towards the US just hours after Pyongyang claimed to have destroyed a key nuclear testing site." There were, as I … Continue reading Dumber than dumb

Preparing for disappointment

An article in the Washington Post explains that "President Trump acknowledged Tuesday that there is a “substantial chance” a scheduled summit with Kim Jong Un could be canceled, as top aides prepared to travel to Singapore for a crucial planning meeting this weekend with North Korean officials ... [but] ... Their trip comes less than two … Continue reading Preparing for disappointment

The German model … and some questions.

There is an article in the Financial Times that ties into my thoughts on our government's pathetic response to the illegal migrant problem. Nigerian migrants, detained in a camp in Bavaria are rioting as they seek freedom. "“We are tired of living in camps,” the sign said. “Please, we need transfer.” These words were held … Continue reading The German model … and some questions.

Democracy in peril

Not many people remember the great "pipeline debate" of 1956. It has been, accurately I think, described as "one of the most famous confrontations in Canadian parliamentary history." It led, I believe, almost directly to the defeat of the very competent, very successful government of Prime Minister Louis St Laurent and the emergence of John … Continue reading Democracy in peril