Just not ready?

Back in early June of 2016 the Prime Minister Trudeau said that the F-35 Lightning II is “a plane that “does not work.”

HDEVJL5Q5ZATHMZGZ3TDD6VLJAWell, this week, Defence News reported that “Lockheed Martin’s F-35 has seen combat for the first time … [and] … The Israel Defense Forces announced on its Twitter account that the Israeli version of the aircraft, using its “Adir” moniker was used in operational missions … [saying] …The Adir planes are already operational and flying in operational missions,” … [and] … “We are the first in the world to use the F-35 in operational activity.”

Sounds to me like the airplane works; it appears to be ready; Justin Trudeau, on the other hand … not so much.

2 thoughts on “Just not ready?

  1. Meanwhile – the preferred alternative to the F35, the Super Hornet…..

    “As the U.S. Navy expands its aircraft fleet with the fourth-generation F/A-18E/F Block III Super Hornet and fifth-gen F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, a challenge remains: How will the jets connect and share information without sacrificing stealth?

    … the two aircraft currently don’t have a way to communicate without compromising the F-35’s stealth.”



    The F35 is operational.
    The Super Hornet is not equivalent to the F35 (in fact reduces the effectiveness of the F35 fleet).
    The F35A is similar in cost to, if not cheaper than, the Super Hornet Block III (an unproven aircraft)

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