So, Michelle Zilio, writing in the Globe and Mail reports that “the Nigerian government has pledged to discourage its citizens from claiming asylum in Canada by crossing between ports of entry along the U.S. border.” Well, whoop-di-do, isn’t that a stunning diplomatic achievement for Ralph Goodale and Ahmed Hussen who, one must presume are acting on the orders of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when they fail, miserably, to secure Canada’s border and instead, go, cap in hand, to Nigeria for help.


Why is this sad, sorry excuse for a government shaking in its boots, trembling with fear at the prospect of doing what pretty much every other self respecting country does, almost instinctively: securing its borders?

What other country in the world has a system as shambolic as ours in which migrants can enter and stay ~ likely for years and years ~ just because they don’t cross at one of a handful of designated entry points? Every single one of those illegal migrants, without exception, should have been booted, unceremoniously, back across the border to the USA … using whatever force was necessary. And lets not mince words: they are illegal migrants ~ intentionally breaking, even flaunting our laws. Now, I understand that the Supremes have said that whenever anyone sets ebdc92171b7a215a6878c8b5440d2f6efoot in Canada then that person is entitled to 100% of the protection that all of Canada’s many laws provide … fair enough … then we should take every single one of those illegal migrants and concentrate them in large, safe, secure camps where they ~ as adequately fed and housed ‘guests’ of the people of Canada ~ can file all their legal papers, and then we should boot about  99.9% of them, unceremoniously, back across the border. This has gone beyond moving border guards from e.g. Pearson Airport in Toronto to some crossing sites in Quebec. This requires action, now.

No illegal migrant should be settling into Canada, in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, on the (fairly safe) assumption that they will get lost in the crowd or that, after a few years, we will feel sorry for them. I think that we, Canadians, are entitled to the presumption that every person who crossed our border at any place other than one of the few, designated, legal points of entry, is guilty of trying to subvert our laws and should be treated as such.


It is pathetic, to say the least, that Canada goes begging to America and Nigeria, asking for their help to secure our own border for us … when we do that we are acting like a weak, third rate nation. We certainly have a weak, third rate government, but it’s not representative of the real Canada.

The Trudeau government has failed Canada because it lacks the moral courage to stand up for our country … as Australian governments, of various political stripes, do for Australia.


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