The simple solution

CBC News reports that “The federal government is open to the possibility of working with the U.S. to modernize a border pact to help address the problem of asylum seekers crossing illegally into Canada, says Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen … [but] … it’s not clear what sorts of changes the minister has in mind.” The report says that “The government has been hard-pressed to find a solution to the border problem. Some of the ideas floated include the Conservatives’ pitch to designate the entire Canada-U.S. border an official crossing and the NDP’s plan to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement for 90 days …[but] … Hussen called both parties’ suggestions “impractical” and “not well thought out,”

I agree with Minister Hussen that suspending the Safe Third Country Agreement for 90 days in “not well thought out.” Why suspend it at all? Why for 90 days?

On the other hand, the Conservative proposal to designate the entire border as an “official” point of entry is stunning in its simplicity.

I don’t think that any reasonable person can say that the US is not a “safe” place for refugees ~ even if Donald Trump blusters and foams at the mouth. Anyone, from Nigeria for example, who makes it to America is “safe” from whatever persecution they might fear back home … there is no legitimate reason for any of them to hire a limousine to drive to Canada and claim refugee status here. The loophole in our, Canadian, law, that says that improper migrants can be turned away only from official points of entry is just that, a loophole in our law and one that we can close.

Amending our own legislation to close a loophole is our responsibility … there’s no need for Justin Trudeau to blame the USA for Canada’s inability (or is it unwillingness) to secure its own border. What or who strike fear into the hearts of Prime Minister Trudeau and Ministers Goodale and Hussen?

The current state of affairs constitutes a real threat to Canada’s sovereignty (our own ability to make our own decisions about who can and cannot enter Canada) and our internal security. Ministers have a duty to act. Michelle Rempel has proposed a clear, simple, made-in-Canada solution: Prime Minister Trudeau should run with it … if he does not then he and his government pose a danger to Canada and need to be replaced, forthwith.


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